A ‘FABB’ Saturday Afternoon

I’m not generally one for talking about sarahbosson.com. Except to my ever-patient boyfriend, who sorts out any technical problems I can’t overcome alone.
I’m also not normally one to put myself out there, complete with a name badge, and go to an event that means putting my hand up and declaring that I’m a blogger and proud. In fact I still cringe slightly at the term.
So therefore it was very unlike me to attend an organised blogger event. Even if it is just round the corner from my house.

But, yesterday, on the first proper sunny day of the year that’s exactly what I did. I woke, downed a large mug of coffee for some Dutch courage, donned my massive Prada sunnies, had an appointment to get my hair cut and blown by the wonderful Lisa at Gary Hedley in Eldon Gardens and then, after grabbing a quick sandwich from Pret, I propelled myself towards the Kanaloa room at Tiger Tiger for the FABB Events North East Bloggers meet.
NB – I’m fully aware that getting a new hair do right before I have to go to meet and network a room full of judgmental strangers was maybe not the smartest move but I trust the professionals at Gary Hedley and, thankfully, they didn’t disappoint. Even if I did consequently spend a lot of time playing with my new short fringey bits.)

20130414-060455 PM.jpg

I’m not sure what I was expecting but a veritable room FULL of other fellow introspective girls was not it. I had no idea there were so many other bloggers (there’s that word again) in and around the North East! I understand some of the girls had done a bit of travelling to get there but in general it was so good to see because I really feel that being predominantly based in the NE means that we miss out on a lot of the events etc that go on in London. I’m more than willing to travel for the right event but we so rarely get invited because we’re so far away. Although I will say, for the record, that I really like writing about Newcastle. After all I do live here. This is my stomping ground and I’m proud of the cultural events and fine dining we can boast.

I thought the meet yesterday was a prime example of this. Tor and Ray, the team behind FABB Events, are themselves local girls and yesterday afternoon was their chance to return to their hometown and put on a kind of party for their fellow writers. They certainly did a great job and this meet rivalled any down south.

We were able to chat to Rosie, the creative mind behind Tinned Bananas, a bold new local fashion line which would be perfect for Dubai, along with her rep from LabelPR, who represent Rosie, and then we had the opportunity to meet Sandra Tang, the driving force behind Newcastle Fashion Week, something that’s been on my virtual calendar for a while now.
Tickets to the weekend that will start NFW off with a bang were included in the (massive) goodie bag so I reckon I’ll be popping along to check that out. As you know I’ve got the utmost respect for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit so these two ladies went up drastically in my estimation post-presentation. I missed last years fashion week as we were out of the country so this year I’ve made sure I’ll be available. This year Newcastle, next year Paris, right..?

20130414-060427 PM.jpg

Technicalities and official discussions aside I had a spiffy time eating chocolate cake pops and giggling through surplus Cosmopolitans with Maddie from All The Pretty Things, finally saying hi to Katy from Girl In The North, meeting Carrie from Carrie Says and swapping stories and exploring our surprising haul of freebies with the secret geniuses Brigitte and Rose, off of Beauty By The Geeks, Amy from NEBloggers, Laura from LauraBella and Elaine, one half of The 2 Beauty Bloggers
Yeah, that’s right, check me out. I’ve been more freakin’ sociable in two hours than I have been in the last month. Possibly ever.
The goodie bags we were given at the end will, I’m sure, fuel a fair few beauty related posts over the coming weeks as I work my way through the crazy selection of treats inside. There’s certainly plenty to keep me busy, so thanks for that Fabb ladies.

20130414-055934 PM.jpg

What I wore, in case that’s interesting, and a sample of some of the goodies on offer.


The event on the whole was such a little treat and a novelty. It was run smoothly and professionally and was a credit to the the FABB brains behind the scenes. I’m now looking forward to/utterly dreading seeing the pictures that were being taken from every hideous angle possible, and also looking forward to future events. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon anyway.

20130414-060443 PM.jpg

Some of the goodie bag bounty and vouchers. Keep your eyes peeled for the reviews for these products appearing in the not-too-distant future. Sorry the pictures are few and shoddy. The lighting was terrible and I was too busy chatting as per.


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