Resisting (Most Of) Chanel’s 2013 Printemps Precieux Collection

What a disaster.
Chanel have brought out their new 2013 Printemps Precieux Collection just in time for Spring (hello more snow) and I’m far too skint to buy it ALL.

But I have allowed myself to pick up the two most tempting things from this new offering.

Meet the Accessoire nail varnish and the familiar Waterproof Eyeliner in new shade 100.
I’m deeply in lust with both of these products.
The Accessoire is so very nearly similar to Rouge Noir but also vitally different, as I’ve been trying to explain to my significant other. He bought me Rouge Noir only recently, because he knew I thought it was particularly dreamy and because he’s wonderful, so he was understandably a bit confounded when I came home with something that, to his man-eye looked… the same. But it’s not. Allow me to demonstrate.

20130210-011559 PM.jpg 20130318-040011 PM.jpg

See how Accessoire is a much lighter, browner petal red. More burgundy. Much more wearable and, while still being a dark, bold polish could easily be worn as a daytime colour, though not a typical Spring colour. Rouge Noir, for all of it’s gorgeousness, is most certainly a vampy nighttime colour, best worn to attend soirées of the evening variety. Just looking at it makes me want to slink myself into a tight-fitting LBD and hit the town.
20130323-025404 PM.jpg

I must confess I do wear this in the daytime too but that’s purely a personal choice. I like dark nail varnish for most occasions.

Being Chanel the quality is indisputable and the packaging is perfection. That’s a given.

The eyeliner is an usual choice for me. “It’s not black” being the main protest. No, it’s not. But have you seen the colour? It’s so pretty. It’s like a golden, bronzey brown which highlights in the light and looks almost black in the dark. I swatched this in duty free at Heathrow and literally couldn’t get the stuff cleaned off the back of my hand. Once it’s on it’s on to stay. It looks great worn on it’s own or worn teamed with a black eyeliner to create an almost smokey, smudgy eye without eyeshadow. I have mixed it up a bit, playing with this liner, the Mac Technikohl in jet black and the Collection liquid liner also in black, as shown below. All of the Mac watercolour liner pencils have the same staying power as this one and I think I’ll probably find myself accumulating a few more colours of these in the year to come.

20130323-085659 PM.jpg

In this same collection Chanel have also released the most intricately carved highlighter. It’s almost silly how pretty this is. I wanted to buy it but then I realised that if I did I’d never want to actually use it. So I left it safely right where it was. Sensible.

20130323-025412 PM.jpg

Now we just need a hint of actual Spring weather to go with the new Printemps collection.

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