And Now For Something Completely Different: 4head

This may turn out to be a fairly boring post but I just wanted to wax lyrical a little but about one of my favourite products ever.
It’s not a beauty product but this little thing is A. LIFE. SAVER.

Introducing the 4head Stick. For your head. Geddit?

It’s supposed to be an alternative to painkillers, a little pritt-stick of levomenthol designed to be applied to your forehead and temples. I was so doubtful about this product that I ignored it for ages. More fool me. Since figuring out that it totally works I have bought 3; One for the medicine tin, one for my bedside drawer and one to keep at work. All bases covered. That’s how much I like this.

Of course it’s not a proper substitute for a delicious dose of paracetamol if you have a proper migraine or a similar near-death-inducing headache. It does however work great at the onset of a headache or to use in conjunction with painkillers. The 4head gets to work easing your misery while you wait the 20 or so minutes for the pills to kick in.

I’d just like to take a moment to state for the record that I don’t have shares in 4head! Or any kind of sponsorship from the company! I’m not benefitting from these ramblings at all. I’m also generally an avid advocator of taking painkillers when there’s pain and then getting back on with life. I just really like blathering on about things when I get passionate about a product in the hope that you’ll all buy it and love it too.

So how does it work? Probably partially placebo, partially distraction and partially what the blurb says:
4head contains a powerful natural painkiller – 100% levomenthol – that can help block pain signals caused by tension headaches and relax the muscles in the head.
After swiping 4head Stick across your forehead, you’ll quickly feel soothing cooling and tingling sensations. These are the first signs that 4head’s analgesic action is starting to work.

Basically when you’ve got a sore head, it feels downright delightful to have something cool on your forehead. Much like Vic’s Vapour Rub has that chilly sensation. But realistically it can help even just by giving you something else to focus on. Ordinarily one would have to rely on the good old fashioned Cold Flannel but, thanks to modern ‘medicine’, you can daub that gorgeous feeling on with ease. It’s colourless and doesn’t leave a shiny residue at all, so no visible snail trail across your face. It can be reapplied as often as you like, unlike meds.
It’s also a tiny tube and therefore easy to pop in your handbag but it lasts forever, I haven’t even noticed a dint in mine yet. And I have been caning it. Maybe too much. Definitely too much. I’ll put it away now.
Well, maybe just a little bit more…

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Here, there and everywhere.

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