Forget raindrops on roses and any sort of feline facial hair clichés. These are a few of my favourite things, the products and items I’m using at the moment and those that are helping me survive March 2013.

Lush bath bombs – I finally have a working bath! We’ve recently had our bathroom done up (looks grand even if I do say so myself) so I’ve been rediscovering proper baths. I say rediscovering but to be honest I never really got into baths. I’m too impatient and tend to stick to quick 7am showers. But now I have a nice, swanky bath I’ve been enjoying a few proper girly bubble baths. You know the drill; bathroom all steamed up, candles lit, bubbles piled high, iPad in hand. I’ve also finally got a chance to use all of the bath stuff I’ve been given, the best being the things from Lush Cosmetics. I’ve had a lovely time turning my bath water funny colours, making it all fizzy, glittery, and creamy. I’ll run out of my stockpile and have to start buying them soon but I’m learning that its’ totally worth it for an indulgent bath at the end of a long day or on a Sunday night before the working week starts again. Bliss.


L’Occitane Cherry Blossom – Have you smelled this? It’s beautiful. Sweet but clean and a little bit fruity/floral. I can’t put my finger on the scent (incase you couldn’t tell from that shambles of a description) but whatever it is I just want to walk around in a cloud of it at all times. And at the moment I probably am. Between the new store in Newcastle and all the recent airport/foreign mall visits, I’ve stocked up! Though I’ve yet to try the petit spa at the back of the store in Eldon Square. That’ll be one to check out soon I reckon, one for the To-Do List.

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Last year’s Warehouse cream leather biker jacket – This little number is making a come back. I bought this last year and it feels like the time is right to start wearing it again for a casual, just ‘nipped out for some milk’ look. That’s me. Always nipping out for milk in soft, buttery cream leather biker jackets… Totally normal.

Bioderma Face & Eye Solution Micellaire – What a treat! Some French pharmaceuticals! Tricky to beat, the basics of French skin care are the luxuries of ours. We wonder if perhaps this bottle, this product, will be the key to that unattainable French chic..!
Regardless it seems to be doing a splendid job of cleaning my face in a way that doesn’t sting or necessitate vicious scrubbing at my poor eyes to remove all the kohl.

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Chanel Accessoire 537 nail varnish & Nails Inc Kensington Caviar Topcoat – I’ve got a half-written full post about the new Chanel collection but this new spring shade nail varnish needed a mention here too. I’d coveted this not-so-quietly since I spotted it last month but I felt like I’d only recently acquired Chanel’s Rouge Noir polish, which is a very similar but TOTALLY DIFFERENT colour. That’s the important part you see. Totally different. So once I’d convinced myself and anyone within ear shot (apologies to my eternally patient and diplomatic boyfriend) that I did in fact NEED this TOTALLY DIFFERENT nail varnish, I bought it. Coupled with the Nails Inc 45 second topcoat it’s a match made in lazy manicure heaven. And we all lived happily ever after…

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Skinny black jeans – A total wardrobe staple at the best of times but currently they seem to go with everything I’m wearing. And I mean the skinny, sprayed on kind but stretchy and so easy to wear. These might as well be stitched on to my legs at the moment. Amazing.

Hunter Wellies – A necessity right now ’cause it won’t stop bloody snowing! Hunters are practical, timeless, British and a total classic. Mine are navy and they go with literally anything. They’re also easier to drive in than regular cheap wellies.


EOS lip balms – My pink Summer Fruits one snapped off it’s base and got stuck in the lid part somehow, en route to the Maldives. C’est tragique! But luckily my little sister was popping over for a weekend in Newcastle and had just been to the US and picked me up another one. This one is in a cream casing and is, I believe, Vanilla flavour. It smells like Milky Bar buttons. Currently loving this, and also struggling not to eat it.


Maria Francesca Pepé studded hoop earrings – I can NOT stop wearing these little beauties. They’re subtle enough to go with anything but I adore the teeny spike detailing. Makes me feel dangerous.
A marvellous friend bought me a beaut MFP necklace for Christmas too, which I’ve hardly had an excuse to wear yet. I should probably spend less time writing about these things and more time supping cocktails in trendy bars, wearing such items…

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