A Newcastle City Retreat

Having my sister over last weekend seemed like an excellent excuse to try out the City Retreat spa in Newcastle centre, in the middle of the Bar 55 roundabout.
Actually I don’t think the roundabout is actually called that anymore.
(Cue googling…)

It’s not, it seems to have a million names including The Swan House roundabout, 55 Degrees North and the central motorway roundabout.

ANYWAY! If you’re in NCL I have absolutely no doubt you know exactly where I mean. It’s a handy, extremely central location and yet, it’s right in the middle of a very busy three lane roundabout so I’d not been there before. I sent them a quick email on Friday afternoon checking availability at such short notice and they rang me straight back. The very pleasant girl on the line told me they could fit us both in for the 30 minute Prescription Manicure treatment on Saturday morning at 10:45am which worked out perfectly. It’s worth noting that they take a 50% deposit on bookings.

Bright and early Saturday we mosey down, negotiate the underpasses, and arrive too early for our appointments. It’s was absolutely no problem and we were given a cup of tea, biscuits and chocolates while we waited. Very welcome since I’d not yet managed to have breakfast.
The girls that came for us and did our manicures were great, both were very chatty and did a super job of our nails. I was particularly happy with the shape of mine, and I’ve been known to be quite picky in the past, but these felt like a job well done. I chose OPI’s Honk If You Like OPI while my little sis went for the classic Big Apple Red, being as she is tied to either bright red or French manicure for work. As our nails were finished we were left with plenty of no-pressure time to sit and chat while they dried (CRUCIAL!) and offered a complimentary glass of champagne each. I can’t stand being rushed out of a salon before my nails are properly dry. I mean, what’s the point in having your nails done if you ruin them as soon as you leave, or worse, trying to get your purse out to pay. Once we were fully dry, and checked, we left and went for nice lunch in Cafe 21 with our fresh shiny polish.
I always think having a manicure is the perfect start to a girly day off.


I’ll definitely be returning to the City Retreat in future to sample some of their other treatments, their prices are great and the staff were very friendly. It’s a busy little spa, as evidenced by the numbers of men and women coming and going while we were there, and I can see why. They currently have a very tempting offer on for a facial and full aromatherapy back massage for £49 so I might even be back before the month is out. Definitely a spa to keep in mind for the not-too-distant future.

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