Glossybox Does City Chic

As if the March Glossybox is all about city chic. Darling, I AM city chic. Or, y’know… I live… in a city.
The blurb on the box insert states that city girls maintain a “glossy, groomed look” all the way “from boardroom to barstool”. God that sounds romantic. Unfortunately I am a ‘city girl’ in the literal sense of the word and, believe it or not, don’t always look so polished. Still, one can but try. I do however really like the sound of the products to achieve a ‘high maintenance look with minimum time and effort spent”. That’s appealing. I can work with that.
This box also included a city guide with (the bare bones of) a guide to various cities around Europe. Unlikely to actually come in handy, nothing a girl couldn’t find on google, but a cute little read and definite inspiration for future weekend jaunts.

What else? Oh right yeah, the actual products. Silly me.

Not a bad selection this month. At first I had kind of lukewarm feelings but actually I quite like the goodies I’ve been sent. Nothing I’m particularly giddy about trying for the very first time, but all nice, very useable items.

The biggest item in the box this month is a travel sized (100ml) bottle of TRESemm√© hairspray. It’s the Salon Finish Extra Hold spray. I’m currently using the Platinum Shine Extra Hold one and am impressed by it, so it’s nice to get another product form the brand. The good thing about TRESemm√© hairsprays is that they all smell like the shampoos. I’d much prefer to have hair that smells clean like shampoo than hair that smells of other cheaper brands, ones with that generic hairspray smell. Urgh. Also this sample is big enough to last a fair while (I don’t use hairspray a lot) but small enough to throw in a handbag, overnight bag or suitcase. A quality that I already know will come in very handy in the not too distant future.

The best quality product in the box is probably the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. Obviously a fairly famous ‘cult’ product that’s been around since 1930 and has been a number one, much-loved balm for the last 7years, but isn’t something that I’ve tried before (sorry!). It’s supposed to be a magical, mythical, miracle cream. I’ve seen no miracles yet but I’ll keep you posted. Actually, one thing I must ask; does anyone know if it’s just an expensive, rebrand on Australia’s PaPaw ointment? It has the same texture, smell and application… Coincidink? It looks like it advertises as being just as multi-purpose and has very similar effects. Seems like a dupe to me but maybe I’m wrong. If any of you know the answer to that please feel free to tweet me or something equally modern/friendly.


20130313-091110 PM.jpg


The most disappointing item goes to yet ANOTHER perfume sample! I thought I turned these off! I do NOT need perfume samples! Call me boring but I’m definitely stuck in my ways! If I want to experiment I’ll let you know but until then I don’t want another pissy little sample every other month. I like my signature scent. The clue is in the word signature! So, not that it’s worth much of a mention (grump grump grump) but the sample in question is the new Juicy Couture ‘Couture LaLa’. My reluctant verdict is “It smells okay, I suppose.” My sister actually wears this so I’ll be gifting her this sample to keep in her handbag. But I’m not impressed Glossybox. Desist!

The product that has surprised me most is the Jelly Pong Pong lip blush. I must stress that it’s earned that title not because it has shocking results or does something weird, but rather because it’s something I wouldn’t have expected to like. Clearly a dupe for the Clinique Chubby Stick, this lip crayon is highly pigmented and wonderfully moisturising thanks to the smoothing beeswax and ceresin. I’m not convinced on the colour I’ve got, maybe a bit Barbie-esque, but I’ll certainly be tracking down other Jelly Pong Pong lip blush sticks to see if I can find a colour I do like as this felt really nice on my lips. In fact, once I’d worn this for a day I surprised myself by quite liking this colour so, although it’s not really my usual style, it’s something I might find myself experimenting with. The only thing that puts me off is the utterly ridiculous brand name. *sigh* Who sets up a beauty brand and spends ages brainstorming cool names that will make people want to buy their guff and then settles on Jelly Pong Pong?? I’m shaking my head. You can’t see it, but I am.


20130313-091051 PM.jpg


The failsafe, easy to love item is the cute little bottle of Nails Inc polish. Bravo Glossybox! You absolutely can not go wrong giving us a classic and classy pillar box red. Thank you. I know I’ve said before that Nails Inc isn’t my favourite nail varnish brand but I’m 100% willing to overlook that for the fantastic colour choice. St James is the perfect glamorous red. Love it. Love. It.


20130313-090031 PM.jpg


Thanks in no small way to this March box, and the fact that recently an influx of my friends have signed up too, I’m excited about Glossybox again and am really looking forward to the April box.


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  • Sue B says:

    Aren’t you missing an item? I got the same as you plus the L’Occitane hand cream. I love the little blue jar.

    • Sarah says:

      Oh no! Am I? 5 items is right isn’t it? I’d’ve happily swapped something for the hand cream though, I love L’Occitane!
      Thanks for your comment Sue. Sx

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