Turns out that the Maldives are insanely beautiful. I’ve just got back from the most picturesque 10 days ever, spent on a proper tropical desert island, and I’m currently struggling to cope with real life again. After wandering barefoot on the beach for over a week I can’t help but cry “Why, in the name of all that is holy, am I wearing socks and shoes??” each morning before work.

But footwear woes aside, I honestly cannot tell you how pretty the islands are. It really does look like all the pictures. I’d always assumed that people were just taking really good photos, on a good day, and then heavily editing with some crafty photoshop tricks. But it is impossible to take a bad photograph of this place!
I have my wonderful other half to thank for this trip, as it was a birthday present (yes, I’m now a whole ‘nother year older). We flew to the capital city island Malé and took a 2 hour speed boat journey to the Chaaya Reef resort on Ellaidhoo Island in the north atoll. The resort was fantastic and totally exceeded our expectations, the accommodation wonderful, the staff couldn’t have been more attentive. We went swimming in the Indian Ocean, snorkelling for sharks, sunbathing on sandy clichéd beaches, we went on fishing trips and ate our catch for lunch, had dinners by candlelight on the beach under the stars, were pampered silly in the island spa and, on my birthday day itself, Mr SarahBosson rented me my very own private uninhibited island for the day. Just for us to chill out on and scoff a 3 course luxury ‘picnic’ in peace, courtesy of the chefs at the main resort. Happy fuckin’ birthday! I felt like a very lucky castaway. And I only ruined it a bit by shouting “WIIIILLLLSSSSOONNNNNN!!” all the time.

Idyllic white sands and blue skies meeting turquoise seas, as far as the eye can see. Utter perfection.

20130309-070033 PM.jpg

20130309-065320 PM.jpg

20130309-065341 PM.jpg

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