Bourjois & The Instant Magic Nail Potion

I know I’m a little late to the party with this one.

Okay, okay, a lot late to the party.

I only grabbed a pot of the Bourjois One Second Magic Nail Polish Remover because I’d run out of my usual bottle of nail varnish remover and spotted this in Superdrug whilst picking up a few other bits and bobs.


20130218-090439 PM.jpg

I’m lazy, just like everyone else, and, because of this, a product that promises to make something mildly inconvenient suddenly wildly easy really appeals to me.
The Bourjoir One Second pot claims it can remove your polish in one second (clue’s in the name), by just dipping the finger in question into the circle in the middle of the sponge.


20130218-051829 PM.jpg

It feels a bit odd, but does it actually work?

Most of the reviews I’ve seen suggested that it’s more of a ‘5 Or 6 Second Formula’ but I reckon that’s pretty good anyway. You make no mess and you need no cotton wool. Not too shabby for Sarah. And in actual fact it seemed to work faster than I was expecting.


20130218-052257 PM.jpg

The above photo shows my nails after a one second swipe into the sponge. Obviously they need another dip, and possibly a bit of a twist, but I’m fairly impressed.

This remover also doesn’t smell like your average nail varnish remover. Which is no bad thing. The front of the pot tells me that it’s Red Berry and Vanilla scented. I suppose it sort of smells like red berries and vanilla, if you’ve perhaps never smelt red berries and vanilla before. But it’s not an unpleasant smell. I’ve been washing my hands after using it anyway, because I don’t like the idea of touching things with a lacquer stripping chemical on my hands, however I wouldn’t say you needed to do it to get rid of the smell. I do normally wash my hands as I hate the smell of normal remover and it gives me a headache.
I can’t however imagine that it’s much use for removing the polish off toenails. I also wonder if it might get sort of saturated with melted nail varnish in the future and just make my fingers a smear of wet colours, rather than taking the dry colour off my nails. Time will tell I guess.

On the whole I’m enjoying this beauty progression. If we have one second nail varnish removers surely hover cars can’t be that far off?

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