Candy Hearts & Lipstick Kisses

With impeccable timing, for an amazing change, my February Glossybox arrived on time, first time, on a Saturday. In-credible. Success at last! So I was able to open it and have a lovely play straight away. Without annoying the delivery chaps too much.

This month’s box, a lovey-dovey Valentine’s themed composition, was an improvement on January’s box. Incase you’re looking for it, I haven’t even actually blogged about January’s because it was so uninspired by it I couldn’t even muster up a bad review.

20130210-120305 PM.jpg

This one was off to a good start when I realised it came with a free lolly. Absolutely anything gets brownie points if it comes with free sweets.

20130210-120313 PM.jpg

That aside, the first beauty product in the box was a massive tube of Anatomicals’ ‘You Need A Blooming Shower!’ body cleanser. I suspect that’s an awkward way of saying shower gel. The last Anatomicals product I got out of a Glossybox was a shower gel too and, as I said at the time, I do think that shower gel is bit of a dull product to get in a beauty box. I mean, it’s pretty cheap to pick up a bottle of fruity shower gel and to be honest it’s not something I’d generally spend any decent sum of money on. It’s just not an extravagance I’m afraid. But, that said, this one smells okay and is a generous size. Actually no, sorry, I’ve just sniffed this again and it smells awful. Like old ladies. Roses and freshly cut grass. No. Just no.

20130210-120538 PM.jpg

The bottle also goes with nothing. I quite like my bathroom shelf products to look nice in the shower but this does not. Maybe that’s weird of me. My weirdness aside, this is another thumbs down for Anatomicals. Sorry!

Second product in the box was a MeMeMe Cosmetics FatCat lengthening mascara.
This seems nice but I haven’t actually tried it yet as I’m getting my eyelashes tinted for an upcoming trip to the Maldives. So review will be a ‘To Be Continued…’ I’m afraid ladies.

20130210-120647 PM.jpg

Thirdly I spy a Sassoon Salon shine spray. Tres handy because I’ve just used up my Tony and Guy shine spray. One’s hair can never be too shiny. Excellent for a last minute finish before dashing out of the door. This one smells a bit chemical-ly though, sort of like glue.

20130210-120639 PM.jpg

The last two products are cosmetics; a lipstick and an eyeshadow. The lipstick is from Miners and is in the colour ‘Mulled Wine’. Sounds promising. At first I wasn’t keen on the colour, sort of a pearly red with a gold shimmer. Not something I would have bought myself but when I tried it on it looked quite nice actually. Not really a summery colour but nice. Although Mr SarahBosson thought it was a bit too “vampy” but, as someone who was a bit of a teen goth, this is tame. Black lipstick it ain’t.

20130210-120333 PM.jpg

The eye shadow is ‘Intelligence’ by Mica Cosmetics. The blurb tells me that “Micabella’s collection is made of 100% natural mica, a crystal-like mineral.” Interesting. Not something I’ve heard much about so I’ll be doing a bit of googling on that one. It says that this is highly pigmented and water-proof so it shouldn’t smudge or fade. Big promises. I’ll try it, test it, and let you know if I think it’s worth the money. And worth the effort because it’s a loose powder and, I won’t lie, I can’t seem to use these without making a mess.

20130210-013905 PM.jpg

All of these products were a decent size and a nice mix of products. There are also some new names here, brands I’ve not heard of and some more familiar ones that I’ve not yet gotten round to trying before now. The downside of this box is that it really highlights the fact that with Glossybox and beauty boxes in general you can’t obviously choose what colours or scents you end up with. I might’ve preferred a different colour of the lipstick, even though this one is nicer on than I originally thought, and I definitely would’ve preferred a different scent to the Anatomicals shower gel! But I’m sure I’ll enjoy using them all nonetheless.

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