Daily Dermalogica

This is just a super quick follow-up post to November’s gleeful confession, by yours truly, in A Revised Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant Review. I’ve since become entirely faithful to this lovely smooth product. I am definitely STILL in love with it, so if any of you were unconvinced and waiting for a bit of back-up, I’m your man. Hypothetically speaking.
I’m not sure that my face has ever been this smooth, not even when I was 4 years old. Maybe.
And no, I don’t have shares or anything in the company, but perhaps I should have.

Thanks to the daily use in my morning shower I have now used up and had to repurchase this Microfoliant. This was made slightly easier and cheaper by the Glossybox offer for money off a first purchase of the full sized product. The Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant is not a cheap product but it’s totally worth it and I’m glad I now have an enormous stash of the stuff. It also pleasantly came with about a million and one tiny little free Dermalogica samples. So sweet. Who doesn’t love freebies? I’m now able to try out, and eventually get myself hooked on, aaall of the Dermalogica products. Oops.
Perhaps next month I’ll report back on how I got on with some of these things, once I’ve worked out exactly how to use each one and what they’re all meant to do. Wish me luck.

20130204-052323 PM.jpg

Ladies, gents, these are my new miniature Dermalogica samples. Playtime ahoy!

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