Starting A Korres Collection

It’s not often I find a scent I’d like to adopt as part of my own. I’m very particular about how I smell and, as such, always use the same fabric conditioner, air wick plug-in and perfume. I have worn my ‘signature scent’, Euphoria by Calvin Klein, for the past 6-7 years and, although sometimes tempted by the idea of having a new one, I have no real desire to stray.
Until I caught a waft of the Korres Vanilla Lychee Freesia perfume. It’s lovely. Sweet without being sickly, flowery without being floral and fruity without being childish. I mentioned it to a close friend and was fortunate enough to receive a bottle of it for Christmas off her and I don’t half like it. I haven’t so much replaced my beloved CK Euphoria as I have added to my signature scent. It’s also considerably cheaper at £28 so I can be a bit more casual and generous with sloshing it around, whereas Euphoria is £60 a bottle and tends to be something I pick up while passing through duty free.

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In fact Korres products on the whole are pretty good value for money.
They’re not the cheapest but still easily affordable as a lovely treat.
I love the brand. Their ethos remains the same as it was when they first started their company. Korres aim to be as friendly to the environment as they are to our skin. They employ a No Waste policy. I feel like they’re kind of like a grown-up Lush without all the cartoony shapes and colours. They avoid the use of harsh chemicals and substances, non-biodegradable ingredients and non-recyclable packaging. Their packaging is, in my opinion, beautiful to look at and really sets them apart. I know that people have been a bit divided on this. Some of it has a sort of pharmaceutical look which I personally LOVE but I know people who think it’s a bit clinical. I reckon the Korres products look great on my dresser and in the bathroom.
99% of the Korres packaging is recyclable and each product is designed so that the individual parts can be separated and recycled easily.

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The Korres brand originated in Greece around 15-20 years ago, but they are now taking the world by storm and finding fame and a place on shelves in many a big name department store. They have all the bases covered and offer face and body skin care, make up, products for men, hair products, sun care, fragrances and traditional Greek herbal pharmacy items. If I had the dosh I’d buy the lot and only stock my bathroom with their lovely pots and bottles.
I like most, but not all(!) of their ‘flavours’. I’m especially in lust with the Vanilla Lychee Freesia, obviously, the Coconut scented ones and the Vanilla Cinnamon. Which smells like… heaven. And Christmas. Heavenly Christmas. Scrumptious.
I’ve yet to try any more of their products but the list of things I simply must try is certainly a nice long one!

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