I’m a total sucker for packaging. I’m not talking a sad bit of bubble wrap and string, I mean luxurious, decadent, gift-wrapped packaging. The kind where you know you spent some serious money on a lovely expensive product and as a bonus you’re getting it in an ultra sexy gift box to unpack, giddy with the anticipation of what lies within. Though arguably sometimes the packaging is better than the item inside.
Nothing gives me greater pleasure than getting a new item or product and having a box, tied with ribbon, wrapped in tissue paper, tied inside a chunky gift bag… Drool.

Practically any item can be made to feel undeniably better by the right kind of packaging.

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There’s the usual suspects; Net-A-Porter, Chanel, Smythson, Cruise, Selfridges, Prada, Louis Vuitton et al.
Then there’s the online beauty and fashion companies that offer a nifty ‘gift wrapping’ service for a teeny extra charge (worth it) like Harvey Nichs, Beauty Bay etc.

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And perhaps biggest props go to the beauty boxes, who certainly use packaging to their advantage. My favourite contender is Glossybox. They really go above and beyond with their set up. The cardboard postage box is cute, easy to open and does a perfectly adequate job of protecting the box inside. The internal one is a sturdy box perfect for keeping and recycling as a giftbox or storage for all manner of things. Inside that box you’ll find your selection of products cushioned with black shredded fuzzy stuff (not sure what the technical term is), wrapped in black tissue paper, secured with a logo-d sticker and tied with a piece of coordinated ribbon. Extravagant indeed! And exceptionally well done.
Lets face it, without all the packaging we might not be as besotted by the beauty box brand. There wouldn’t be half as much appeal in getting an unlabelled Jiffy bag through the post, with all your new testers rattling around inside. I adore receiving my box each month and the actual goodies inside are definitely only half the thrill. Keep up the good work Glossy Team!

It might not be the most environmentally friendly way to go, although the nicer the packaging the more likely we are to reuse it as storage, as opposed to throwing it in the bin. However I certainly wouldn’t be tempted into spending quite so much of my hard earned dosh on so many consumable and material items without the gloss and glamour of the massive metaphorical ‘cherry on top’!

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