The December Glossybox

Well, well, well Glossybox. You have indeed outdone yourselves with this December box. I am chuffed to bits with this month’s box and am, therefore, excited to be sharing it (virtually) with you lot.

Obviously I won’t be sharing it literally. Keep your mucky paws off my stuff.

The hugely anticipated Christmas box is always the best of the year. I’m sure the fine people of the Glossy Team just stash all the coolest stuff throughout the 12 months, waiting for December.
As it’s another special one the box itself isn’t the usual dusky pink, but rather a silver and black number this time, with star studded black tissue paper.

20121226-090837 PM.jpg

Once opened I was happy to see it was stuffed full of all kinds of lovely things. Firstly I clocked the biggest item in the box (obviously) which was the Milk_Shake Conditioning Whipped Cream.
I loved this product. I love the packaging and branding, I love the laziness of a leave-in mousse conditioner, I love the fact that it’s full sized (usually retailing at £14.79) and I love love love the scent. It honestly smells like cream. Like sweet, vanillary, cream. Actually it strongly reminds me of the tinned Ambrosia rice pudding? Heavenly. Why would you not want your hair to smell like this? It’s practically edible. Perfect.

20121226-090847 PM.jpg

Once I was quite finished swooning over the mousse, I moved on to unpacking the rest of the box. Next up was a full sized tube of Anatomicals lip gloss in Strawberry Milkshake (full title: “what a complete and utter glosser. i never fake strawberry milkshake. fruity lipgloss tube.”) flavour. Nothing too unusual here. Kind of nondescript, preppy packaging, standard for the Anatomicals products. The flavour/smell of the gloss is tasty enough but I was most impressed by the staying power of this product. I applied it as I was heading out for drinks and, ordinarily I would have licked the shine off by the time I even arrived at the bar, but I was surprised to note that my lips were still sticky and glossy as I sipped my first cocktail (even after delaying the drinks for a quick dalliance round the shops en route). Not bad. Definitely one to keep in my handbag.

20121226-090918 PM.jpg

I also received a Rituals Magic Touch Cherry Blossom and Rice Milk ‘ultra rich, whipped body cream’. Not much to say about this either. It was a great size. I’m really happy with how generous all the quantities are in this box. All full sized or thereabouts. Definitely can’t complain about that. I mean, I’ve mentioned before that I do sort of think that we’ve all seen enough body lotions and the like but Rituals stuff is particularly lovely and this does smell quite super. The Magic Touch cream is a Rituals best-seller which is supposed to nourish and firm the skin. I’ll be trying this one soon and letting you know if I think it’s worth the hype.

20121226-090903 PM.jpg

There was also a Seche nail varnish, again full-sized, RRP £9.95. I’ve only recently heard of the Seche polishes, but it’s all good things. These are highly pigmented polishes for a one-coat application. It’s apparently fairly quick-drying (but we’ve all heard that one before). This, i understand is from their newly launched colour line. Sadly the colour I’ve received isn’t something I’d usually wear, but on a more positive note, that does mean that it’s not just another bottle of a colour I already own several times over. Whether this is a good thing or not, I haven’t quite decided yet, but I’m going to remain optimistic for now, because ’tis the season. It’s quite a pearly, shimmery pinky gold. Perhaps my sister will like it…

20121226-090931 PM.jpg

Next up, another big box-filler, The Sleek i-Divine True palette in Au Naturel. I’m very excited about this as I’d heard massive good things about the Sleek collection and brand, most outrageously that this palette is a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked palette. So, having played with my sister’s Naked palettes and having been undecided on the Urban Decay packaging and price but in love with the product, I was giddy to find this offering. I much prefer the packaging on the Sleek version. You can’t go wrong with plain velvety black, and this set is the perfect size for throwing in a handbag, or leaving on your dressing table. The colours seem to be nicely pigmented and rich, and are all very wearable colours; browns, greys, nudes and black. C’est fantastique.

20121226-090947 PM.jpg

20121226-090954 PM.jpg

The only thing that crossed my mind is that, as far as I’m aware, sleek is not a particularly fancy brand, not the kind that Glossybox usually showcase anyway. It retails for around £7.99, which is great value if you’re going to go buy one, but not quite up to the general Glossy standard. But snobbery aside (sorry!) it’s a great product that’s been really hyped up among other beauty bloggers, and one I’ve been interested to try. I’m certainly currently having a lovely time playing with it!

Finally there’s another ‘bonus’ Glossybox branded product in this box. The Glossybox blusher, a collab with make up brand Kryolan, in ‘Glossy Pink’ is a nice added extra, and incidentally I was just considering buying a new blusher. I don’t actually currently have one as I’ve been relying on bronzer and contour kits all summer. I had just decided I might need to buy a blush to see me through winter when the Glossy Team read my mind and sent me one. Cheers for that!

20121226-091002 PM.jpg

So, incase you missed it, I am very happy with this box. Which makes me a little worried about the January one. How on earth will the Glossy Team follow this bounty? I’m excited to find out though. Roll on 2013!

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