Wrapping up

I can only assume that it’s because it’s winter and being cold makes me SO unhappy that I seem to have developed this new problem; I can’t stop buying, looking at and shopping for, coats.

(Also Krispy Kremes incidentally, but the less said about that the better…)

The worst of it is the coats I’m buying are essentially all the same coat. Because I know what I like and I like what I know. I like tailored, fitted, long coats. Slight military vibe, kind of spy-chic, trench coat types that flatter and layer well.
I’m not really sure I can wear the Barbour jackets and not look like a dick, as I’m not currently en route to see my horse.
Sadly neither can I pull off a parka anymore. My other half has a black Etnies parka and wears it with style, and actually we bought his son a matching kids version so I’m surrounded by black parkas with fur trimmed hoods. Which is all very nice but, again, not really my style. Perhaps a bit scruffy for me. A bit student-y.

What does that leave? Fur? No way josé. Leather? Been there, done that. A duffle coat? On a grown woman? Are you having a laugh??

I recently tried on one of the classic North Face padded down jackets. Or the body warmer gilet anyway. Which I liked but, as my other half pointed out, it put about 10 years on me. Strange affect. I can appreciate this as I’ve always had it down as a yummy mummy, lives in Jesmond, drives a massive Ford Kuga/ Porsche Cayene, ‘Soccer Mom’ type jacket. So obviously I’ll have to wait a few years before I can buy one of those. I’m not daft, I don’t want to look like a woman in her mid-thirties before I have to.

So that leaves the trench type coats. Elegant, timeless, ageless and, I think, pretty sexy.

I’ve so far bought a shiny Michael Kors black trench, the stone coloured Zara velveton military coat I harped on about for weeks, a ‘casual’ grey H&M trench and, just this morning, a nice smart black Zara coat (£69.99) that makes me look like a spy. In a good way.
This is in addition to any other jackets and leathers I already own.

20121124-041358 PM.jpg

Somebody stop me?

So, in the hope that I won’t have to buy them, I’ve posted below some of the other coats that have caught my eye in recent weeks.

At least I should be fairly warm this winter as the temperature drops.
But just so you all know, I’m still not happy about it.

20121124-042512 PM.jpg          Burberry Mid-length cotton-sateen trench coat £1095
Burberry Brit Double-breasted wool-blend coat £595

20121124-042519 PM.jpg

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Vienna stretch cotton-twill peacoat £340

20121124-042533 PM.jpg

Gucci wool peacoat £1400

20121124-042526 PM.jpg

Michael Kors Melton-wool peacoat £1130

20121124-043718 PM.jpg                                Victoria Beckham wool coat £2650
Vivienne Westwood Red Label lilac stone coat £570

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