I’ve only recently started wearing mascara. Quite the oddity I’m sure. Here I am, sitting around, in my twenties, thanking my mother for the naturally dark eyelashes she kindly bestowed upon me, thinking I’m the bees knees because I can go au naturale.

Unbeknownst to me I was missing out. It turns out even hideously lucky people (and don’t I know it) who have freakishly long eyelashes naturally can still benefit from mascara. Who’da thunk it?

It may seem like something I’d’ve experimented with before now and you’d be correct. I had of course given it a couple of goes over the years, trying various high end brands, thinking they’d be better, and merely achieved the startled, messy, spiky spiders’ legs look.

So sexy.

So I’d assumed that mascara was not for me and thanked some deities that I could shorten my morning beauty regime by that one little step. No panda eyes for me!

But then Glossybox, the rascals, sent me the Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp Ultra Volume mascara to sample. This is how it starts.

20121125-101231 AM.jpg

To begin with the packaging could be better. The tube is an okay shape and it’s black and therefore fine, but the hot pink and the name leaves a bit to be desired. It kind of sounds and look like it’s for teenagers.

20130204-044323 PM.jpg


The wand is enormous. Like, almost intimidatingly huge. But I actually quite like that. You barely have to hover it near your lash line and you’re all inked up and ready to go. The generous size of the wand is actually quite beneficial as it means with minimal effort you’re able to achieve maximum coverage. Easy peasy.

My only niggle is that it doesn’t appear to come in a waterproof version which would’ve been nice.

It looks pretty nifty on though. I’ll have to take back everything I said before. About the spiders’ legs and that. Obviously don’t get too heavy handed unless it’s Halloween, but with a nice even coating my lashes look pretty good. This one, unlike some of the more expensive brands I’ve tried doesn’t go all clumpy after the second time you use it. I mean, they’re still a bit too long. I suspect I might occasionally look a bit like a camel. But with a very light coat I’m definitely happy with the results.

20121125-125738 PM.jpg
(Sorry for the shoddiness of these photos. Turns out its quite tricky to take a picture of your own eye with a rubbish iphone4S camera.)

So happy in fact that I went straight online and ordered a full sized tube from the Yves Rocher website. It’s only £8.95 if you order it online.

20121125-102532 AM.jpg

This arrived a couple of days later with a huge sample box of a 4 step skin care set as a free gift. How nice is that? Thanks Yves Rocher, you little stars. I’ll definitely be repeat ordering this product too. Perhaps in brown as well as black. I’m getting brave with this whole mascara business. Yet more evidence that Glossybox is worth it’s weight in gold.

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