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My November Glossybox has been a little late coming as it arrived, or tried to, while I was away. Three times. So of course it went away and I had to ring my favourite delivery man and organize a redelivery again. He loves me, he really does.

The box contents have been good this month. Or at least I think so thus far. I’ve obviously not had much time to get used to them yet so these are really my first impressions upon opening the box and after two days of use.

If you recall I wasn’t too impressed with last month’s box but I think the Glossy Team may just have redeemed themselves this month. We’re seeing new names I’ve never heard of, alongside some old favourites like Burberry, Dermalogica and Nails Inc. Also this month the pots and bottles seem to be a good size, letting us feel like we’re getting our money’s worth. Trés important.

20121118-042437 PM.jpg

The November box has a stocking filler ideas ‘theme’. The first, most noticeable product is the enormous tube of Ayuuri Sandalwood Face Cream. We’ve had an Ayuuri product in a box before and you may remember me being less than impressed with the coconut body wash. I think shower gel type products are boring and, although coconut is one of my favourite scents, I found this one to be a little cheap smelling. The Sandalwood scent of this face cream is pretty nice though, if a little subtle. Although, when asked, my boyfriend said he didn’t notice a scent and claimed it smelled like ‘just any plain cream’.
I certainly can’t fault the generous quantity we’ve been given. However I did find I had to apply twice as much of this as I do my usual cream in order to get the same amount of moisture so perhaps that’s why! But I’m still sure it’ll last me a fair while.

20121118-042512 PM.jpg

So that takes up most of the box. What else do we have in this month’s goodies?


20121118-042445 PM.jpg

There’s a sad little sample of Burberry perfume. I’ve said it before, I’m not really a fan of perfume samples. I have worn Calvin Klein’s Euphoria for eons and am not about to change now. I have recently acquired a taste for Korres Lychee, Vanilla and Freesia perfume, and I was quite tempted by Chanel Chance for a short while, but other than that I’m generally unimpressed by perfumes. This one comes in a perfect little glass (plastic?) vial, with a lid, ideal for tossing in ones handbag. Except that I really don’t like it. ‘Body’ by Burberry. Bleurgh. No thanks. Didn’t like it at all. Smelled like an old people’s home I volunteered in once in my early teens. Ghastly.




There’s a teeny cute bottle of Nails Inc polish. There were three I could’ve received but I got the award winning Kensington Caviar top coat. Snazzy. I’ve actually heard of this one. Apparently this is a 45 second top coat, giving your nails a super glossy finish while promising to leave ’em touch dry in 45 seconds. Designed to be applied over your coloured polish for a professional, long lasting finish, this formula has been “specially developed for women who demand instant results”. It allegedly leaves nails looking as though they have been professionally manicured, adding chip resistance and sealing in colour, all from the comfort of your sofa.
I cannot yet tell you whether or not this works, although the word on the blogosphere is good, because I’m still sporting a Holland Village manicure (albeit slightly chipped now) but I’ll definitely be trying it soon enough.

20121118-042457 PM.jpg

The final two products are both interesting for different reasons.

The first being a body butter (uninteresting) by a brand still unknown to me (interesting). The Mango Body Butter by Alison Claire Natural Beauty. “A delicious blend of organic mango and cocoa butters”. Don’t get me wrong I love a good body butter, especially one out of a tube or pump. The thicker the better. This one feels quite nice, absorbs quite well, smell pretty tasty and left my skin feeling lovely and soft. It’s not quite better than the L’Occitane Cherry Blossom hand cream (£8) that I adore but it’s nice. The packaging isn’t horrible and garish either, which gets brownie points, and the tube is just slightly bigger that average handbag sized, which incidentally is perfect for my slightly bigger than average handbag. More than anything this makes me want to know more about the brand and try other products from the range. This, I think we can all agree, is the sign of a good sample.

Last but by no means… well… I don’t know actually. This last product has been raved about. Everyone seems to love it. A ‘model’s favourite’ apparently. It’s also fairly expensive at £38.50 per 75g. So I should be impressed. But I’m not sure what to make of it.
The Dermlogica Daily Microfolient is a unique rice-based powder exfolient which activates upon contact with water, releasing Papain, Salicylic Acid and Rice Enzymes that micro-exfoliate dead cells off your face. Super. But it’s a weird powder? Like talc? I just can’t get over that. It seems like it would just be so messy. I kind of understand why it might work… y’know, scientifically, but I can’t get my head around actually using it. Might have to try it out in the shower. Then at least it won’t just get everywhere on everything ever. I’m sure I’m worrying for nothing but still. I definitely don’t want to be setting off to work with foamy powder in my hair. So not chic.
Perhaps I’ll use it, fall madly head over heels in love with it, do another post about it and be trying to convince you all to buy it by this time next week. Or perhaps not.


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