Glossy Goodies

“Hey-ey wait a minute Mr Postman! Wo-oh-oh-oohhh Mr Postman!”

So, my postman currently hates me. Actually I think he’s a Hermes delivery man. But he hates me all he same. Thanks to my lovely, monthly, too-big-for-the-letterbox Glossybox. Which, because like a NORMAL, funtioning human being I have a day job and am therefore AT work for quite a high proportion of my time. Certainly any time the delivery man is working I am also quite likely to be working. Inevitably this means I’m never at home to accept my Glossybox deliveries, am left a scribbly “We Missed You!” card and have to ring him every single time to arrange a redelivery. Or at least that’s how it should go but I always instead end up feeling like I’m bargaining, grovelling and pleading with him, rather than arranging for him to come back at a time convenient for us both and complete a job I’ve paid for. He seems to find it incredibly unreasonable that I’m not at home between the hours of 9am and 6pm. Stroppy bloke.

But it’s worth it. Just about.

I still get the Christmas Eve type frisson of excitment as he hands the distinctive package over. Obviously I play it cool until he’s gone and the door is safely closed, before shredding the box and diving in.

This month though, I feel a bit let down. I’ve got to admit, I’m not loving this box. It’s the first one I’ve been actually a bit disappointed in. And in reality it’s probably a good box in that pretty much all the products I’ve recieved are full sized offerings. This of course makes the box excellent value for money, at £10 (plus p&p), I’ve recieved 4 proper worthwhile amounts here. No tester-pot-sized piddly tubes, used up in one go.

It’s the products themselves this time that don’t particularly excite me, which isn’t really the Glossy Team’s fault. I still think the box is a great idea and afterall they cant predict what you’re going to like.

The vague theme of this box is ‘the ultimate home spa experience’. I didn’t get that from the contents of my box at all. I definitely think this theme could’ve been done better! Maybe with more decadant products and a face mask or two, a small sample of an Assouline or Cire Troudon candle, some luxurious bath petals… You get the idea. Spot treatment, however, is not my idea of being pampered. There is a nod to the fact that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month though, as some of the money from these boxes will be donated to Breast Cancer Care. I feel more saintly already and at no extra effort to myself. Sweet.

20121021-015824 PM.jpg

I was sent an Antomicals ‘Dont just clean it woman, scrub it!’ body scrub. It’s pink grapefruit scented and chock full of gritty exfoliating bits. I used it this morning in the shower and it’s not bad. Very fruity and textured. Not really my cup of tea; I think grapefruit scent is a bit boring and I already have heaps of showergel, in nicer ‘flavours’. Apologies if that sounds a bit snooty! This was probably one of the better things out of the October box though as at least it will get used up quite easily and the smell is likely to be a bit more fresh and energizing for my morning shower.

I was also sent a Dermalogica ‘3 step day and night kit’. This took up most of the box! It came in a big box all of it’s own, with the instructions on the back, and the RRP is £12 which is already m0re than the Glossybox. There are three bottles in the kit and the instructions say to use the first one to Wash and massage over damp face, neck, chest etc, then rinse and use the All Over Clear after cleansing, spritz over face and body, then finish with the Welcome Matte SPF15 as the final step. Apply this all over your entire face and neck. It claims it will put your skin back in balance.
Again the packaging just doesn’t draw me in and, as we already know, I’m kind of lazy – the thought of having a full routine that involves actual washing with water both morning and night is already making me feel exhausted. Just for the record I DO wash! But I normally do the bulk of my scrubbing before bed with nice, tidy cleansing wipes from boots to get my make up off. I find them much more convenient, without making a black inky eyeliner mess of the sink and giving myself panda eyes, which is what I find happens when I use a face scrub before bed.

20121021-021012 PM.jpg

I recieved the Skinetica Anti-Blemish solution. I’m not familair with the brand but this smells far too chemically for my liking. I haven’t had anything to try it out on yet so I can’t tell you if it works or not but I am still madly in love with my Papaw ointment and the Malin + Goetz spot on treatment for using on any surprise blemishes. Additionally I’m not impressed by the stark packaging on this either. I know it’s just a spot product but still, a little effort wouldn’t go amiss! Also the blurb says it shows results in 2-3 days but I tend to find that the Malin + Goetz works pretty much over night. Sorry to rain on your parade Skinetica!

20121021-015838 PM.jpg


Finally, I got the Yves Rocher Moisturising Cream lipstick. This one is a part of the Coleurs Nature range. It’s… very bright. I like bright fire engine reds, not that I wear them very often, but anything that’s too pinky is a bit of a no-no in my book. The packaging is nice, I do like the brand (they make my current favourite mascara) and it’s a lovely product. It applies very smoothly and colour rich, and doesn’t leave my lips feeling dried and wrinkly. I do have quite dry lips so after a while lipstick tends to settle into the normally invisible lines on my lips and make them suddenly very obvious. This one didnt really do that so perhaps if the colour had been less… bright it might’ve been a keeper. As it is it’s proably not something I’ll be seen wearing any time soon. Such a shame.

So yeah, not my favourite box thus far. But that means next months will be extra good, right? Right??



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