Lovely Bubbly

If you’ve been into a Selfridges recently you might’ve been lucky enough to pick up one of these; the newest Limited Edition offering from old faithful, Vaseline.

Far from their old reputation of fuddy duddy murky looking tubs for babies and old people in need of ‘intensive care’, Vaseline is now quite a fashionable label and, like every smart label, they know that the key to their popularity is in the appeal of an ever changing product. ‘Limited’ no less.


Last year they introduced to us the Creme Brûlée lip pots and this year we have the Pink Bubbly flavour lip therapy. ‘Petroleum jelly with a hint of decadence‘. How very appealing. I fell for it. I love champagne. I’m not even a big fan of Vaseline and I still wanted some.

20121020-043929 PM.jpg20121020-043900 PM.jpg






Having now tried it I can tell you that it’s is (obviously) exactly the same as all the previous Vaseline balms; Greasy.
I mean, the packaging is nice, the colour tint is good but other than that the appeal lies solely in the branding. It says ‘decadence’! What a powerful word. Suddenly I want some decadence on my lips, thanks, and here are Vaseline offering to do just that. C’est tres chic.
Oddly and perhaps most unfortunately, it smells a little rosey, like the rose scented Vaseline I had many years ago. Or my Grandma’s old potpourri. Or that Monu night cream I didn’t really like the smell of.

So er… yeah, champagne ‘flavoured’ Vaseline then?
Not a winning product.
But it’s still kind of cool…

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