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My lovely little sister has been at it again folks. She’s brought me some treats back from the US of A this week and, after I’ve sussed out what they all do and whether they’re any good, I will of course let you know. Because I’m nice like that.

Happily one of the things she’s brought for me I can sing the praises of straight away as it takes me no time at all to know that I adore this product. It’s the cute little EOS lipbalms. Some of you may have heard of them. Some of you may be already be in love with them. They’re certainly pretty scrummy.

20121010-045711 PM.jpg

This was a particular treat because I do get quite dry lips and have heard so much about these balms from various American beauty bloggers, all good things, and quite fancied trying them to see if they’re as effective as people say.

The balms are, as far as I’m aware, still only available over in America in shops and therefore a bit tricky to get one’s eager little paws on one. You can however now buy them from online beauty retailers; Zuneta, Amazon etc. I think they’re slightly more expensive at around £5 plus p&p.

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The EOS lip balms are such saintly little things, promising to be all natural, organic and free from chemicals like petrolatum and parabem. They’re fantastically packaged in a chunky, durable, colourful sphere pod. I find this makes them nice and easy to find in my bag, where everything else is black or silver.

20121010-045728 PM.jpg

You screw the two halves apart and literally draw it into your lips, very similar to a giant My First Crayon set I bought my godson last Christmas.
The product itself is refreshingly matte and non-slimy feeling, unlike some other lip products. It really nourishes and moisturises your lips for hours (not that I can stop applying it every 5 minutes because it’s so yummy) and even when it wears off my lips feel better, rather than going back to being dry. In that respect I think it’s been quite similar to the Softlips vanilla one I got from Australia. It also stays on for a good long while – if you can stop yourself eating it all off that is.

20121010-045736 PM.jpg

They come in flavours such as strawberry sorbet, lemon drop, summer fruits, honeysuckle honeydew, sweet mint, tangerine and passionfruit. Just to tempt your taste buds there. They all smell fabulous and taste super sweet. I have the Summer Fruits one, shown here, which comes in the dark pinky sphere. It’s delicious. I’d whole-heatedly recommend it. Although I do want to try the Honeydew one and have placed an order with my sister for her next layover. Come to think of it, so have most of my friends and colleagues.
At this rate EOS looks set to be just as popular on this side of the pond, as it is in the US. Or at least, that’s my prediction anyway.

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