DIY Detox

I keep hearing that I should be thinking more about how I’m washing my hair. Preferably reducing the amount of times I wash it.
I currently wash it daily, in my morning shower. I tend to use fancy shampoos and conditioners that swear they’re going to perform miracles and make my hair shinier, stronger and (somehow) longer than ever before. Just like that of the beautiful brunette girl giving herself whiplash in the advert.

But I fall for it. To an extent. I mean, I’m no bimbo, I know it doesn’t quite work that way but I still spend a small fortune on the good stuff. However, I can’t quite shake the feeling there’s some kind of catch. The catch being that for all the good they’re doing to the all important appearence of your barnett, these products are also coating your hair in all kinds of goop, namely synthetic chemicals like dimethicone and silicone and other things ending in ‘cone’. Google it.
I shit you not. Anyway eventually these Cones build up, wash after wash, making your hair look shiny but not actually that healthy.

So what’s a girl to do? Dash to the nearest faithful hair stylist and beg him to rescue you? No, that’s rubbish and he’s likely booked up for the next few weeks rescuing other damsels.

You could try a DIY detox?

If that appeals you might do a bit of research and stumble across the various detox shampoos on offer. One of the most accredited and popular being the Phyto products. Quite pricey but apparently trés effective. I’ve heard girls swear blind that they’ve gone from being stuck in the rut of washing their hair every single day to being able to go for three days without shampooing. All very impressive, if a little gross.
I don’t want to go quite that far. I still like to wash, I want to be clean, but I’d like to have healthier hair.

So I’ve done my homework and I’ve found a similar product that’s a little closer to home and a little more affordable.

Meet the Boots’ Expert Build Up Removal shampoo. Retailing for a chirpy £3.99.
And, this one doesn’t require any hunting around on the internet or in specialist stores because it can be found at your friendly neighbourhood Boots pharmacy.

20121008-103751 PM.jpg

Yes, alright the packaging leaves a lot to be desired but the product inside is pretty good. I think so anyway. I’ve gone from washing my hair every day out of necessity, to washing it 4 or 5 mornings out of 7. I still wash it most days, but out of choice now I know I have another option. If I plan ahead I can wash it less, on my shorter work days etc. By the end of the second day my roots are just about starting to feel slightly greasy and a bit limp. But even then not a great deal. It might not sound like much but that’s quite a big change for me. Particularly now my hairs getting fairly long.

So I’m hoping, and I’m absolutely no expert, that by getting out of the habit of washing my hair every single day, and regularly stripping anything harsh snd unnatural off my hair, it will gradually just need washing less and get healthier all by itself, without a hefty salon bill.
Alternatively I might just end up feeling kind of dirty and go back to washing every day. Either way, I feel surprisingly in control of the situation, whereas before I felt like a slave to the morning routine. Anything that buys me an extra 10 minutes in bed is brilliant news and I can think of a certain Mr who’ll be pleased I can spend less time in the bathroom.

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