If The Loub Fits…

Or not as the case may be. Because they are in fact my sister’s.

I adore Louboutins, honest I do, but I have neither the funds nor the heart to spend £1000 on a pair of shoes. I’d never be able to wear them without being conscious of every step, convinced I was about to commit a most heinous crime by stepping in some mud/water/worse.

20120901-122133 PM.jpg

I’m all for ‘Investment Pieces’ – those items we convince ourselves are better bought than left on the shelf. The things that it would be ‘silly‘ not to spend large sums of money we can ill afford on. A Chanel handbag for example. Or infact anything by Chanel. Dreamy items of fashion legend that have acquired cult status and will be worn season after season, go with anything and to anything, will last forever and will one day be considered prize ‘Vintage’.

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Shoes do not get better with age. Definitely not. And understandably not everyone will want to buy a secondhand shoe, no matter how ‘vintage’ you tell them it is. Louboutins in particular start to lose their signature red soles after a while, which is surely the point of owning a pair?
Of course I’m aware that you can buy all sorts of products and treatments to repair and keep them nice but it’s not the same.

20120901-123345 PM.jpg

Then of course there’s the fact that they are, I’m told, pretty uncomfortable. If you want comfort go for Manolos, shoes designed with the wearers foot in mind. However if you are just out for pure unadulterated sex-appeal, daaarling, you NEED Christian Louboutin. A man famed for recently saying “I don’t think comfort equals happiness” and generally not giving a hoot as to how comfortable his creations are, as long as they look beautiful. And mon dieu, they do.

But of course Mr Louboutin’s shoes are not designed so the woman wearing them can fancy herself in them. With or without an accompanying chic limp of pain.
No, for the last 20 years he has designed them to look good to men, to ensure their wearers look good to their men. As demeaning and old-fashioned as that may sound. But he’s certainly made a name for himself, and for his intimidatingly cool shoes, with that mentality. However modern we ladies are, we still like to make an impact.

I remember the first time I saw a woman in Loubs, without really knowing what they were. I was still in sixth form and had yet to learn anything about high fashion and luxury branding. I distinctly remember thinking that whatever they were, they were so cool, and that I suddenly badly wanted a pair. I felt that the flash of red sole as she walked was the epitome of sex appeal. That it resembled the flash of red in a geisha’s bun, used to signal rude things to the Japanese business men who might then like to chase these women. It seemed as though Louboutins would send the same sort of signals to our modern western business men. Whether they do or not I don’t know, but they certainly made an impact on me.

20120901-123405 PM.jpg

These images are a collection of some of my favourite Loubs. They are obviously not taken by me, and are I’m afraid borrowed from the official Louboutin website. But I hope you enjoy drooling over them as much as I do. I would trade my cat for any one of these pairs.

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