Hard As Nails II: 14 Days Later

So it’s now day 14 of my fortnight with Shellac nails. As discussed in my previous post Hard As Nails, I’m here to report back on how well they’ve lasted. See back to that post for the lowdown on Shellac and the details on application, but the important part is that the procedure promises perfect nails for 14 days.
So have mine stood the test of time?

First things first, to give them their dues it’s been a very busy week.
Things done with my new nails:

Gardening and pulling up a tree
Washing the car after an extremely muddy country-lane-in-the-rain drive (my poor car!)
House work including cleaning the bathroom etc
Working in a professional capacity
Exposure to chemicals (nail varnish remover, surgical spirits, povidene-iodine wash)
General worrying done by me during stressful moments
And so on…

A pretty vicious regime for any manicure, I think you’ll agree. I’ve definitely put the polish, and my poor hands, through their paces.

But it held up pretty well actually!
Admittedly there were a couple of niggles, namely when I noticed on Day 6 a slight chip to top of left thumb nail. As shown below. Possibly from scratching some paint off a glass table. Nothing major.

20120830-092811 PM.jpg

20120830-092824 PM.jpg
This picture shows the amount of growth below the gel on Day 6.

And so here we are, Day 14. My nails are in pretty bloody good condition actually. No huge chips, still ultra shiny, still looking good. I’m particularly happy that it withstands regular nail varnish remover and surgical spirits as I’m often handing things like this at work and ruining my nails when I’ve got normal varnish on. The only issue is the fact that they’ve grown out so quickly. As you can see in the photos the white tips are now higher than the white parts on my actual nail, and there’s quite a gap between my cuticle and where the polish starts. That’s the most obvious thing and the only thing that spoils them slightly. It’s unavoidable really and is only so big and bad because it’s August (not that it’s been much of a summer this year!) and nails grow much faster in the summer. I reckon that in winter you’d definitely get your money’s worth out of the treatment, in fact I might go so far as to say you would probably get longer than 14 days out of the treatment.

Would I do it again? Yes, I think I would. I’ve really appreciated not having to worry about my nails staying neat. It’s not horrendously expensive and really does last as they said it would. I’m certainly happy with the results. Shellac is winning so far.

But wait, stop the press! OPI have just recently brought out their own version of gel nails and my sister has picked up the starter kit, which includes the UV lamp, for around £90. Now if you have that much to splurge in one go, obviously that IS cheaper in the long run than getting your nails done in a salon for £25-35 every 2 weeks but if you, like me, enjoy the whole salon experience then you may think it’s worth the money for that little break from your busy life for a little bit of pampering. I would kind of miss the “I’m treating myself today” feeling I get from having a manicure appointment. Saving money Vs. decadence once again. Oh decisions decisions!

20120830-092842 PM.jpg

– (Apologies for the photos, I know they’re not great and they don’t really do justice to just how shiny my nails are!)

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