God Save McQueen

Everybody loves Alexander McQueen.

Yes even you.
Even those who reject the very idea of looking the slightest bit goth. You love McQueen too. You might not want to sell your cat to buy the beautiful Wool-blend Intarsia dress (I would) but I bet you’d have a skull scarf.

In fact at the minute I can’t even step outside my own front door without seeing an insane array of faux Alexander McQueen skull scarves.

Currently every shop in Newcastle is peddling a knock-off floaty skull scarf and everyone and their dog is wearing one. I actually saw a doggy version of this iconic neck party just the other day in fact. It’s tragic, it really is.

20120819-105622 AM.jpg

Once upon a time I was enchanted by the idea of being able to wear designer with a nod to the gothic side. But rather than having to shell out £165, it’s now incredibly easy to pick up a tacky, brightly coloured, chiffon scarf covered in, dare I say it, almost smiley skulls for less than a tenner.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a snob, but c’mon! Certain things should be left where they belong, not copied and mass produced in Primark. This scarf has now been effectively ruined by the fact that it has become so popular as the only way to recognise an authentic McQueen is to take it off and look for the labels. Le sigh.

20120819-105649 AM.jpg

I’ll take the Mulberry tree-print then…

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  • Anon says:

    Hear hear! I spent a fortune on my skull scarf (a real Alexander McQueen obviously) and only got about 2 months wear out of it before having to retire it because everybody I knew bought one from New Look or somewhere!! Where’s the point??? Hopefully they’ll go out of fashion soon and I’ll be able to get mine back out. But will I then be totally LAST SEASON??? 😮

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