All Lit Up

This weekend has been a whirlwind of shopping, pampering, food and wine. My little sister has been in town and we’ve been making the most of it.

We’ve tried a few new things cosmetically, for which reviews will no doubt be popping up for over the next couple of weeks. The overriding theme of the weekend’s acquisitions seems to have been Illumination…

One of these new things, I’m ashamed to admit, is the world famous Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat. I know you’re wondering where I’ve been for the last 20 or so years. It’s an embarrassment, really it is. Touche Éclat is such a phenomenon and yet I’ve only just gotten round to trying it this weekend.


We actually only trotted up to the YSL counter to try the new highly acclaimed Le Teint Touche Éclat foundation. Having heard of the miracles of the original and then the promises this new product makes, we had to have a little play. The girls at the YSL counter in Fenwicks were only too accommodating (thanks ladies!) and treated us to our own personal play time.

20120819-102558 AM.jpg

First up was the foundation. Boldly declaring that it’s bucking the system by containing no opaque powders, but merely works to illuminates your whole face rather than painting on a mask. So far, so funky. I watch carefully as the pros test out a few shades, then select and apply the winning BD50 to my sister’s skin, and on the whole I’m very impressed. It covers well but I can still see that she has tone and a naturalness to her face. However it does remain a little shiny/sticky looking, so perhaps a little dusting of a finishing powder would be required for an everyday look. Not bad.


It looks to be quite similar to the Chanel Vitalumiére Aqua Ultra-Light Skin Perfecting Makeup. I have this in 30 Beige and really only wear it for special occasions as I don’t really wear foundation and this is as close as I’ll get. It’s good though. Very smooth and thin. So light, that if you were trying to use it to cover you’d have to layer it up but as a super light base coat it’s suits me. You have to remember to shake the bottle up each time though as it comes out like water if you don’t.

20120819-102457 AM.jpg

Back to my sister, the real transformation comes when they add the Touche Éclat. Under the eyebrows, under the eyes, in the creases of the nose and the cupids bow area. She glows. It really does make her look more awake and radiant. Dammit now I’m going to have to get one…

I ask the makeup artist to colour match me (just for the TE) and am offered two she thinks are possibilities. Shades number 1 & 2. Number 1 is supposed to be the ‘universal’ shade that will make practically everyone look gorgeous. She tests both on her hand to show me and my immediate reaction is to dismiss number 1. It’s so pink. I don’t wear pinky colours on my face. I have quite a ‘blue eyed, light brown hair, pale to medium skin tone’ look, and as such tend to reject anything pinky or peachy and go for browns and greys. I’d rather use bronzer or a contour kit than a pretty pink blusher. The number 2 TE is much more beige and comfortable. She tells me I may be surprised and applies 1 & 2 to the underneath of my eyes.

She’s right of course. Number 2 looks like makeup. It looks like a heavy beige concealer I’m struggling to cover the bags under my eyes with.
Number 1 however is barely there, just a light illumination contouring the upper side of my face and cheekbones, lifting my features and making me look like I’ll never need sleep again.
With one on each eye, I look like I’ve had a stroke.
Quickly I ask her to rectify the situation and she applies number 1 to both sides of my face (along with a quick sweep of the newest limited edition blusher) and I’m convinced. I’m finally purchasing Touche Éclat. And I will be wearing it forever.

20120819-102448 AM.jpg

In addition to this purchase my sister brought me a small Mac haul back from LA this weekend too. Along with some outrageous pictures of her rental Mustang convertible. Jealous? Me too.

I’ve been requesting some bits and pieces as the Mac is considerably cheaper over in the US. One of the things I was after was the Mineralise Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle. I’ve heard so much about this from other beauty bloggers and have been dying to try it out for myself to see if it really is worth the hype. I’ve been after a powder highlighter for a while as I had been relying on either Benefit Moon Beam or a creative combination of concealers in a shade too pale.
Mostly I won’t wear a highlighter for work etc as it’s always, I think, the one thing that gives away the fact that you have make up on. You can’t be natural with mega shiny, almost sparkly cheeks. I also find the Moon Beam to be quite difficult to blend into your face in anything resembling a natural glow and by the time you have blended it (sort of) it’s nigh on disappeared anyway.

20120819-102505 AM.jpg

The Mac Mineralise Skinfinish however, solves those problems. Highly pigmented and very easy to work with, you need only a slight sweep of the brush to see the effects. I’m really happy with the effect and both my sister and my other half approved, and it seemed to go down a storm when we went out for drinks on Friday night too.

So it would appear that the lessons we have learnt this weekend are that illumination is key, and that if we want to look bright eyed and bushy tailed but work far too hard, party far too hard and sleep far too little, sometimes it’s definitely easier to fake it!

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