Bags of Style

I have a small but perfectly functional bag collection. I’m not actually a girl who has a secret wardrobe behind a bookshelf, jammed with hundreds of bags. Partially by choice and, I’ll not lie to you, partially because I can’t afford to make unlimited purchases of designer handbags. Sad, I know.
I also have a small collection because I’m picky these days. If there’s anything I’m going to shell out and pay the big bucks for, it’ll be a bag. H&M pleather just wont cut it for me. I must confess, I prefer to spend the money and have a bag I can depend on. I mean, I do still covet Loubs like nobody’s business but the thought of walking around, stepping in god knows what, in £1000 shoes makes me feel a little queasy. But a bag I can hold high above street scum, muddy puddles and spilt drinks. I can use a swanky bag everyday, keep it nice and be proud to have it hanging from my arm.

So below are some favourites, some of the bags I’ve fallen in love with; some I own, some I don’t (yet), some that are like *so* last season and some beautiful new releases. So that you too can lust after this classic leather accessory. These are bags that I feel would complete any wardrobe. Preferably mine. A fine selection, covering all the bases, even if I do say so myself.
Well, nearly all the bases; I still haven’t found a creamy coloured bag I like enough.
Stay tuned to in the future to see if I do.

Mmmm. Hello pretties.


The Chloe Paraty in Spring 2012’s ‘Peacock Blue’. £1145
I know I’ve blogged this before (here) but I really do like this bag as a colour-pop addition to my usually monochrome wardrobe.


This tough little Christian Louboutin Marquise spike-embellished clutch (£795) is now sadly so very ‘last season’ that it’s no longer available on Net-A-Porter! But I still want it so badly! Sorry for the tease. Although I did see it in the Loub shop whilst in Dubai in May. Maybe it’s still somewhere but at a heavily discounted price..? A girl can hope.


My current ultimate favourite bag. The Louis Vuitton Antheia Ixia in black. Retails for around £2600. This one is the MM.
I actually do own this, but in the absolutely enormous GM size. A wonderful Christmas surprise off my extraordinarily generous and thoughtful other half. The GM is really more of a weekend bag, it’s so big. Not for everyday use, unless you often carry the kitchen sink around with you.
I find it’s perfect for throwing into the car, or dragging onto a train, for a mini-break. It’s also a great size if you’re only taking carry-on luggage for flying. I love this bag so much that I want to replace my everyday Prada with the Antheia Ixia MM. It’s gorgeous, it really is. Thick, soft, quality leather with the LV imprinted in it, with silver hardware, lined with soft black suede. I like LV as a brand but I’m not a big fan of the clichéd obvious monogram leather my sister collects. It’s just not me. I prefer the subtle black of this collection.


The extremely well known Mulberry Daria clutch, well worth the £475. A simplistic design that makes a clear statement. This clutch is so soft and goes with absolutely everything in your wardrobe. I know because I already own this too. I have other clutches but more often than not the Daria will come out with me for dinner, cocktails, parties, spa days, dates, girls nights, pub Sundays…


How lovely is this? The Smythson Cooper Tote comes in at a decent £995. Which I don’t think is half bad for Smythson leather. You know it’s going to last, and while the label might not impress every teenage girl with a *gag* Paul’s Boutique bag, those in the know will know you have an excellent eye for quality. It’s a decent size and a truly classic design but I like the slight twist to the shape of the top. Very tasteful.

(Sorry for the blurry-ness of some of these pictures! Unfortunately I don’t not own all of these and therefore could not take my own photos! Thanks go to the places I’ve pilfered them from. Mainly net-a-porter.)

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