Believing In Berber

I refuse to believe that I am the only girl who wants hair that smells divine, is shiny, strong and soft, and doesn’t take an age to dry and style. Sounds like a fairy tale right?

That’s why I’m sharing this little tip with you.

Berger Oil by Osmo. My to-die-for hair product of the minute really does do all of those things.
Don’t ask me how because, of course, the science-y bit goes right over my head, but the clever chaps at Osmo have created something wonderful for barnetts everywhere.

I tried this not expecting too much because it’s not a brand I’ve used before. I tend to stick to Tony & Guy, Aveda, Kerastase or occasionally Paul Smith’s Awapuhi range. Added to that I was more than a little disappointed by the last ‘revolutionary’ hair oil that I used.
Berber Oil was barely on my radar, yet the blurb promised me ‘transformational results’. Big words for a little bottle.

Once I’d opened it however I wanted to smother myself in the stuff. It has quite a sweet, almost strawberry(?) smell that’s smells familiar but I can’t think why. It’s quite sticky and, at first, I was worried I’d be left with a lot of residue on my hands after application but it went on fine.
You add a small amount to either dry hair ‘for a sleek finish’ or to damp hair to reduce drying time and give ‘enhanced body and movement’. It also makes an excellent de-tangler. I’ve been using it after a shower and somehow it does seem to be taking less time to dry my hair. Magical.

So it smells tasty and cuts down on the amount of time we’re stuck in front of the mirror. What else?

Well it contains Argon oil which apparently helps ‘to restore hair to pristine condition and nourish dry damaged hair’. Now, I had to google this but apparently Argon oil is something of a ‘miracle product’.
It is extracted from the crushed kernels of the humble Argon fruit and contains all sorts of natural goodness; vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 9 which are a source of nutrition for repairing and rebuilding hair pores and roots.
The vitamin E content in the oil makes it perfect for soothing hair after all of the trauma we put it through, straightening and curling and drying day in, day out.

Argon oil, as it turns out, is like Jojoba oil on steroids. It has similar benefits but easily surpasses them.
It promises to make a visible, tangible different from the first time you use it.

The good news is it does exactly what it says on the tin!

My hair felt so soft and shiny, and even the next day before I jumped in my morning shower my hair still felt better and healthier than it had in ages.

Luckily for us this product retails at around £19.99 for a 100ml bottle, which would last a considerable amount of time. Definitely a firm newcomer to my daily post-shower routine. Thanks Osmo!

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