Further Concealment

I have something to add to an earlier post, Concealing The Truth, as I have discovered a new product I just can’t keep to myself.

You may have heard of Vichy’s Dermablend collection. There has been quite some buzz surrounding it but I’ll admit most of it just passed me by. I think I actively chose to let it go over my head as I assumed it was not a product for me.
But then I received a Dermablend Starter Kit sampler palate in June’s Glossybox and, not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, thought I’d give it a whirl.

I’ve now been proved wrong.

In my quest for concealer that gives perfect coverage, remains light and sans that caked on feeling, I have completely overlooked a product designed by dermatologists to cover up serious skin conditions and tattoos. I (wrongly it turns out) assumed that this product would be thick and heavy and obvious. Rather like stage makeup or child’s face paint. Again, I must admit, I was wrong.

The geniuses at Vichy Laboratories have been developing a range of mega make up, designed to sit well on your skin and completely, professionally cover up anything from mild imperfections to full on scarring and tattoos. Perhaps the latter is most famously demonstrated with this now infamous video of Lady Gaga’s mate “Zombie Boy”. Give it a watch, it’s quite an eye opener.

The samples I’ve been sent are of the Dermablend Ultra-Corrective Foundation Cream Stick and include 6 different shades to try out and match to my skin tone.

20120804-101027 AM.jpg

Currently I think I’m favouring no. 14 ‘Nude’ and adding no. 12 ‘Opal’ down the centre of my nose for highlighting, but I’m enjoying blending them all to find a perfect shade as my skin tone can be quite changeable depending on whether I’ve caught the sun or not. The info included shows me how to apply, how to get the best results and states that the product benefits include:
SPF 30,
Higher coverage than any normal foundation,
Fragrance free and hypoallergenic,
Resistance to water and perspiration.

It sounds too good to be true right?

I wore it yesterday, on my nose and under my eyes, with just a light sweep of bronzer on top and no other make up. No eyeliner! Yet, I still had people telling me I looked great. On separate occasions people commented on how nice my skin looked and how natural my face appeared. I put such a small amount of product on, dabbing a couple of layers on to cover up any bags/suitcases under my eyes and a little bit down my nose and in the creases either side where I feel I have some redness I’m conscious of. The Dermablend seemed to cover really well and, more important, it stayed put for most of the day.

And finally, the cost? An absolute steal at £13-19, depending on the shop. Boots stock it but it does seem to be more expensive there at the top end of the scale but even at £19 I don’t think it’s too bad for such a great product.

I think my search for the perfect concealer may actually be over…

20120804-101018 AM.jpg

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