Challenged By My Chanel

It’s the old Style Over Substance dilemma again.
I’m so disappointed to find that my favourite CC Chanel studs have lost another stone. Barely a few months after the first one was replaced.

Even worse it means a trek down to Manchester on my own, purely to hand my earring over and then drive back up to Newcastle. Frustrating. I attempted to email the Chanel boutique in Manchester about posting it there (not that I trust Royal Mail) but apparently they don’t have an email address.

As I’ve said before, the service one receives off Chanel, in shop, is first rate but that’s not the point. I’d prefer my jewellery to just stay in one price the first time around. I have considerably cheaper jewellery that has yet to fall apart so yet again I’m left wondering why we bother.

20120810-010857 PM.jpg

20120810-010914 PM.jpg

20120810-010921 PM.jpg

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