Mirror, Mirror.

I’d like a huge, enormous, oversized fuck-off mirror for the bedroom in the new house. I have done so for at least a decade.

My other-half, though generally wise beyond his years, does not agree.

I genuinely think that a huge mirror really makes a room. It makes a serious design statement, whilst tripling the feel of the size of your room and being a handy tool for checking if ones bum really does look big in this.
Please note: I’m not merely referring to a ‘large’ mirror; I’m talking about a looking glass of epic proportions. The kind that is just casually leaned against the wall, rather than hung. The one I currently have my eye on is 7 foot by 4 foot. That’s plenty bigger than me! I’m very excited by the prospect but alas my Mr still stands between me and fulfilling this dream.

Fear not though, dedicated readers (I see you on my stats page, I’m sure you exist!), I will keep trying. I will, one day, get my gigantic ornate mirror. This I promise you.

Until then here are some inspiring pictures of other people who had big mirror ambitions…

(Thanks go to the various places I’ve borrowed these images from)




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