My current ‘beauty regime’ appears to be working.

This alone is extremely good news.
It’s yet more impressive when one considers that before Christmas I did not have, nor had I ever had, a ‘beauty regime’. In fact, to be entirely truthful, I would often forget to even wipe my make up off as I got into bed. Lazy, I know, and still one of the worst crimes a lady can commit.

But, this story may well have a happy ending after all. At Christmas (assisted by the threat of a looming birthday) I had a bit of an epiphany:

I will not be young forever.

Genius isn’t it? I’ll go on to suggest that when I do age and therefore look *gulp* old it will quite likely be too late by then to suddenly attempt to take care of myself and claw back some clear skinned youth.
Here’s the second part of the epiphany:

If I want to avoid looking like an old hag by the time I’m 35 I need to invest a teeny bit of time and effort into my appearance now, rather than leaving it all til I’m 34 1/2 and trying desperately to panic-buy anti ageing cream and applying it by the bucketload.

Rather like leaving all my homework ’til the last day of the summer holidays and trying to rush it. Naturally I was a pro at that too. But this time I somehow doubt I’ll be able to perform miracles overnight.

So, I made some minor changes. Which are actually quite large changes but in truth they barely factor in my daily timetable. I’ve taken up running of an evening, just a brief lap of the park before my shower. I try to keep up a constant stream of fresh water. It’s a cliché but it’s also probably the easiest change to make. And it’s much faster than making coffee or tea all the time at work. I do now take my makeup off each night. I apply OPI Avoplex Nail & Cuticle Oil most nights, and dab some tea tree oil down the side of my nose in an attempt to avoid any overnight oiliness. I was also using NUDE night oil for a while. Which was divine, I’m recommending it to everyone, but alas it ran out and, at £40 a bottle, I’ve not yet replenished my supply.

Then each morning I cleanse, tone and moisturise like a good girl. Like my mum taught me how to do it. As I watched her do it a million times over as a little Sarah. I used to imagine it was so glamourous to spread expensive stuff on your face.
I know now it’s not necessarily “glamourous” but it is certainly sensible.
I’m currently using Lush’s ‘9 to 5’ orchid oil cleanser, Lush’s ‘Eau Roma Water’ toner and SK-II Skin Signature moisturiser. I’ve recently added the Caudalíe Vinosource SOS Thirst Quenching Serum (thanks Glossybox) to the mix, to be applied between the toner and moisturiser. I know from reading the reviews that not everyone was happy with the Caudalíe serum but I really like it. It absorbs well, it’s silky but not sticky and it’s not oily on my skin for eons after application. I don’t know that I’ll keep buying it when I run dry but I’m more than happy with it at the moment.

Half a year in to my new ‘regime’ I’m pretty pleased with myself. I get far less spots than I used to, which admittedly was never very many but I’ve definitely noticed a difference. I also quite enjoy knowing that I’m doing some good, something for the future, because we all know I’m terrible at saving money for that proverbial rainy day, so perhaps I’ll have a shot at saving my face instead.
But best of all, I feel in control of my skin for what is perhaps the first time ever.
Yes, I wear make up, yes, I eat chocolate and yes, I may not always manage to behave myself… but, there is now a possibility that by the time I’m 35 my face won’t betray that.

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