Royal Blue

I’m not the worlds biggest fan of colours. Bright colours and pastel colours especially. I just don’t feel comfortable in a big bright colourful colour, swanning around like a rainbow, pretending I’m a pink person, an orange person or, heaven forbid, a yellow person. I’m just not. I look especially awful in yellow. My skin turns a sort of traumatised shade of grey. It’s quite magical really.

So I stick to what I know. I’m a black, grey, cream or white girl. I like neutral colours, classic designs and ‘safe’ hues. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no wallflower. I definitely don’t want to fade into the background. Good grief, no! I’ll be the girl in the sleek LBD and fiercely high heels, with a martini in one hand, gesticulating wildly along to a beautifully and enthusiastically articulated story (as if you’d expect anything less). Wall flower indeed!

However, and there is an exception, I am quite drawn to blue. Particularly royal blue. Perhaps, most recently it’s been partially the Kate Middleton Effect, but blue dresses do seem to be everywhere at the moment.
Shift dresses, pencil dresses, tulip skirts and the like. I think they all look wonderful in a bold primary blue. It helps that my eyes are blue and so my whole life my mother has been dressing me in blue dresses, bows and ribbons because of it. But yes, I can deal with blue and often find myself choosing the colour when it comes to finding an outfit for weddings and other occasions for which black or white are simply not appropriate choices for dresses!

It’s a colour that seems to be able to lend itself well to being smart and formal whilst also being summery and fun. These dresses will look great with bare legs or thick black tights, in a silk or jersey material, and will ideally attract all the right attention too!

So, I’ll increasingly be found lording it about, dressed up the nines in a bright blue ponte dress, like I think I’m lined up to be future Queen of England.

Well, perhaps I should have been…

Princes and their spouses aside, below are some of the examples of royal blue dresses I’ve spotted currently being peddled by all our favourites designers, and a few new ones I’ve fallen for thrown in there too. I’ve decided to share them with you. Just incase any of you are oddly allergic to the colour yellow too. Sometimes it’s nice to dress like we’ve bagged ourselves a prince. It certainly can’t hurt if that’s the kind of man it attracts!

20120509-110439 PM.jpg

Lanvin ‘draped silk crepe dress’ – £1460
Roland Mouret ‘Wilkes pleated ponte dress’ – £1320

20120509-110458 PM.jpg

Carven ruched wrap-effect stretch-cotton dress’ – £180
Alice+Olivia ‘Alaina ruffled-back silk dress’ – £335

20120509-110449 PM.jpg

Diane Von Furstenberg ‘Zihna crocheted lace silk shift’ – £440
Moschino Cheap and Chic ‘draped crepe dress’ – £415

20120509-110512 PM.jpg

Issa ‘silk wrap dress’ – £350
(The INFAMOUS Kate-engagement-interview-dress)
DKNY ‘gathered jersey dress’ – £185

20120511-120628 PM.jpg

Zero+Mariacornejo ‘Sayah stretch jersey dress’ – £360
Karen Millen ‘pleated jersey dress’ – £140

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