Glossy Goes Green.

What’s the perfect way to start a day off?

It’s the postman a’knocking on your door, attempting to deliver your latest Glossybox, of course!
It was certainly the perfect start to my last day off.
It’s a delicious feeling. Everyone else is at work and here you are, sitting on the bed like a kid at Christmas, opening a beautiful little box of surprises to pamper yourself with.

Money can’t buy that feeli… Oh, wait, it can. A mere £10 PCM can purchase you that exact feeling. Lucky you.

So, this month Glossybox have decided to go all green on us. Another limited edition, April’s 100% biodegradable box came filled with a dreamy selection of all natural and organic goodies.

20120515-092422 PM.jpg

First up I received a tube of Caudalie ‘Vinosource SOS Thirst-Quenching Serum’. It’s an ultra-concentrated serum made from plants, supposed to moisturise your skin.
And good god is it scrumptious. It disappears into my skin almost instantly, with no greasy feel. It’s silky and easy to work with which only adds to its appeal. I actually really love this and would now quite like to try some more of the much talked about Caudalie products. It also feels delightfully expensive. Sold yet?

20120515-092438 PM.jpg

I also found a new organic eyeliner in the box courtesy of Inika Cosmetics. Admittedly it’s a sort of metallic dark grey, which, though beautiful, is a colour I’m unlikely to use very often, if ever. But it did prompt a bit of make-up playtime and experimentation. It’s a nice eyeliner though, well pigmented and smooth. I’d definitely consider the brand again for a more suitable everyday colour.

20120515-093523 PM.jpg

There was also a huge, full sized (I presume) bottle of an Ayuuri natural body wash. Fortunately it featured one of my favourite scents, Coconut et al, so I’ve been using that in the shower all month. Honestly, I smell practically good enough to eat. I wouldn’t say it was the most luxurious product ever, I’ve bought something that smells very similar in the past for around £1 from Sainsburys, but it’s certainly lovely and the bottle’s more than big enough to keep me happy.


Perhaps my favourite product in the box was a Figs & Rouge lip balm. I received ‘Rambling Rose’ flavour/scent. It’s a great lip balm! I don’t mean to sound so surprised but I am! I normally use the Lush ones because I find the Vaseline ones a little greasy. This has the smooth, silkiness of the Vaseline ones but without the lingering greasy feeling. And a lovely, if a bit old-lady, flavour. Very fresh. It’s also 100% organic so one can use it guilt free!


Finally I got a little vial of Kai perfume oil. A light scent of ‘gardenia and white exotics’ which lasts all day, due to it being an oil, unlike normal perfumes. I must confess that I gave this to my mother. She was in the UK and staying with me the day after my box arrived and, upon finding, smelling and anointing herself with the perfume oil, declared that she loved it. So obviously I gave it to her. I only wear Euphoria by Calvin Klein anyway. I’ve worn it for years and still love it. So although the Kai was lovely, I did in fact give it away.

But on the whole this was a great Glossybox, not that I’ve had a bad one! I would’ve liked to try the Monu products, especially the reviving spray, as I’ve heard some, great reviews of that from fellow Glossybox subscribers.

Next month it’s Glossybox’s birthday! So fingers crossed we’ve got a treat in store for us at the end of May! Hopefully there’ll be cake…

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