When I received my first Graze box several months ago (time flies when you’re having fun!) I wasn’t really sure what to expect.
Admittedly, I did already know I liked most of the things I suspected would be sent my way. I will happily sit munching a whole bag of pumpkin seeds while watching tv. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’m a total Health Food Nut (no pun intended), I’m more of an All Food Nut. I will eat practically anything and everything and as much of it as possible. I like seeds, yes. But I also like chocolate. Oh yes…

Where were we?
Ah yes, Graze boxes.
I’d heard the buzz and wanted to try the selection for myself.

Now, for those of you who commute from under your rock each day and are unaware of the Graze phenomenon, the idea is that you sign up, tell the nice people what things off their list you do and, most importantly, don’t like (for example I don’t like anything with raisins in) and then they put their heads together and send you a box of four little boxes. You choose how often and where you want them to be sent and brilliantly they fit through the letterbox so, whether you get them delivered to home or straight to your office, they can be brought direct to you by Mr Postman.
Then, in theory, you *ahem* graze on the treats over the course of the day, so you don’t feel the need to eat whole packets of biscuits like I generally do. You don’t have the chance to get properly hungry if you’re keeping up a constant stream of dried fruit, olives, mini-breads and nuts and you’re getting a good supply of all sorts of vitamins and goodness in the process.
Unless you’re like me, in which case you can’t help but eat three of the boxes in one go and then have to drag the other one out over the rest of the afternoon.
They’re also perfect for packing on a journey, especially for forms of transport where you’re crammed in with lots of other people. They’re great for throwing in your handbag (though not once you’ve opened a box… I tossed in an open one once. Big mistake. Fiery Seeds all over the inside of my Prada…). And they’re excellent for distracting a bored child with. (Child: “Sarah, I’m hungry, can I have a biscuit? Can I have some sweets? Is dinner ready yet? Are we going to the park now?” Me: “Have you seen my new Graze box? Would you like to try this one with me? Ooh look dried pineapple…”).

20120502-112557 PM.jpg

I have been lucky enough to receive a wonderful selection of goodies over the months that I have subscribed to Graze, and therefore feel entirely justified in writing this.
Obviously not all the boxes will be entirely to your taste. I thought I had it sussed when I subscribed, ‘liking’ things I was fairly confident I’d like (and ‘binning’ anything with raisins in) but I’ll admit that when it came to actually getting down to trying the things that came through the door, I decided I wasn’t keen on a few and had to rethink my ratings. But on the whole I’ve liked most things I’ve been sent since my first free box, some personal favourites being the orange and ginger flapjacks (to die for), the black pepper pistachios, the vanilla seeds, and the ‘banoffee pie’ mix. Mmmmmm.

20120429-095406 PM.jpg

I’ve also been sent one of the new Guilt-Free High Tea boxes; perfect for when you start feeling peckish around 3pm. It involves a delectable square of gooey cake (I had ginger and pumpkin seed cake) with a quaint special blend tea bag. Very nice indeed. I can’t wait to be sent more of these in the future.

I know a lot of people aren’t interested in so called ‘rabbit food’, I’ve certainly had a few raised eyebrows off people who have assumed it’s all hippy crap (until I’ve fed them an Orange and Ginger Flapjack) and yes, the price might appear a little off-putting at first but, all things considered, it’s not bad. I get a box once a week and I haven’t bankrupted myself yet, but I am getting a nice dose of fibre and vitamins on a regular basis without even trying. The fact that they come through the post means there’s always something tasty in the house to pick at while I work/write/watch tv and I don’t have to remember to buy anything snacky while doing my supermarket dash after work.
Graze works for me and I certainly can’t see myself cancelling my subscription anytime soon.
Perhaps it’s time you gave it a try?

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