Let me first start by saying I’m lucky enough to NOT suffer from acne, never have, and as such cannot vouch for this product as it is intended to be used.

However, like, I assume, the majority of you, I do suffer from the occasional spot. (cheers hormones)

In these times of need there isn’t too much that helps. We try to leave it alone, it gets worse. We try to pick at it, it gets worse still. We attack it with a desperate barrage of toothpaste, soap, savlon, teatree oil… All to no avail.
It seems time *is* the only healer after all.

Or is it?

I may have found the answer.

I’m not going to get all cheesy and tell you it’s a “miracle in a bottle” and, to be perfectly honest, I couldn’t care less if you buy a pot yourself. Alas, I have no shares in Malin + Goetz.

BUT I’d feel selfish keeping this to myself.

This teeny (but seemingly endless) pot of Malin + Goetz Acne Treatment (£16) really does the trick for me.
If, heaven forbid, a spot appears somewhere on my face, a small dot of this nigh-on everlasting product really seems to see it off. Don’t shake it, just dip in a cotton bud and dab the bottom sediment stuff on the offending spot. Leave it to dry, preferably overnight, and by the morning your previously catastrophic problem will appear much less ginormous and red. Sometimes it needs a couple of nights of application for a particularly troublesome spot but it will go. Even dapping a bit on as I’m getting ready for work, letting it dry and patting the white stuff off seems to take some of the angriness out of a surprise blemish in a short-on-time emergency.
The only problem I have encountered is that I seem to struggle not to rub the powder off onto my pillow a mere five minutes after getting into bed. But reapplying it really is worth the trouble.

I don’t want you imagining I’m covered in spots. As I said I’m not here to sell you anything and naturally a real laydee (like myself!) should not be discussing such secrets but, after seeing so many other people struggling to find an effective product to blast breakouts with I’m afraid I had to break my silence.
Now that you know all my dirty secrets, I can only hope it was worth it!

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