Street Style

I love my car. There, I’ve said it.
I may not be the most obvious person to take vehicle advice from. In fact I wouldn’t recommend taking vehicle advice from me at all.

But I do love my car.
I’ve driven other cars of course, far more sensible cars, bigger and safer, but none as fun as my current car.

Last year, to the surprise of some of my friends, I bought a 2004 1.6 Ford Streetka in Jet Black.
That’s the little ford convertible cabriolet for those who don’t know.
I searched high and low and finally found the limited Winter Edition version, in black (as all good cars should be) down near Blackpool. Being the Winter Edition one it has both the soft canvas roof the standard Streetka has, and the rare removable hard-top which turns a cute but massively impractical summer car into a slightly more useful vehicle in the cold British winter. The hard-top give you a solid fibreglass and fabric layer over your head, slightly more headroom and a larger solid glass heated rear windscreen which greatly improves visibility and is, I’ve found, surprisingly effective at melting ice on a chilly morning in January. This edition also comes with heated front windscreen, heated black leather seats (heavenly) and heated wing mirrors as standard.


Being only a two seater there isn’t tonnes of passenger space, not that I’m bothered by that as I am only one person and my handbag fits nicely on the other seat. The boot space however is pretty impressive for a small convertible and I couldn’t be happier with that. Plenty of room for an enormous suitcase, several large bags of shopping or perhaps a sneaky extra passenger… (kidding!) Obviously this is why there are no back seats; the roof has got to fold into a storage compartment somewhere so you either lose seats or storage. In the ‘cockpit’ itself there is even more surprise storage with cubbyholes and shelves all over the place, making keeping the interior tidy nice and easy.

It is a very girly car. Apologies to any blokes out there who do own a Streetka but I’ve certainly not met any! The exterior of the car has heaps of style and lovability, or at least I think so. It’s an extremely cute car and gets plenty of looks with the top down on a summers day, which by the way is brilliant. There’s no feeling quite like it. As a child I would be the girl with my head stuck out of the back window as we drove along the motorway, hair blowing all over the place, gasping for breath as the air whipped past. Driving fast with the top down is a similarly exhilarating feeling, only not quite so windy!

My car does everything I wanted it to, it looks great, it drives like a go-kart, it will fit in really tiny parking spaces (crucial as I live in the city) and it keeps me warm and dry in the rain! However it is getting on a bit, the interior (and I suppose the exterior to an extent) is looking a little dated now the new Ford range has hit the streets. She is also very thirsty and the road tax isn’t cheap because it’s classed as a sporty car, it has the worst turning circle of any car I’ve ever known and I know it makes me look like the very girliest of girly girls. Especially if I drive it while wearing my enormous Prada sunnies. Naturally I prefer to counteract that fluffy pink image by blasting Disturbed, Down With The Sickness at top volume…

But, all that aside, every single morning, when I leave the house destined for work, I still can’t help but smile jumping into and subsequently pulling away in this adorable little car, and will hopefully continue to do so for quite some time yet.

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