Style Over Substance Again.

Why do all the good iPhone covers seem to deteriorate almost immediately?
Is it too much to ask to have a designer phone cover that is stylish and hard-wearing?

I have now had three iPhone covers for my 4S since getting it and none of them have lasted as long as (I felt) they should. All fairly reputable brands and yet, I’m unable to keep them for longer than a few months.
My most recent, and most beloved, is a bold Diane Von Furstenburg case. I love it, I really do, it’s a fabulous red and white pattern, as shown below, with a soft black interior. I was thrilled when I opened the signature Net-A-Porter box. It was a little pricey but understandable at £40, a sum I was more than happy to pay to have my beloved life-support devic… I mean, iPhone, looking so well dressed.
However it sadly started to deteriorate after a mere three days of extremely gentle use. (It lives either in a soft pocket, in the lining of my bag or on the passenger seat of my car). To tell the truth I’m more disappointed than angry, disappointed that I won’t get to keep my lovely phone cover as I will soon have to replace it. I’ll be sad to see it go. I’m disappointed too, that I seem to have fallen for the old ‘form over function’ cliché after believing I was buying a good quality product. I can’t keep buying £40 phone covers every few weeks.

It would appear that I’m not alone in this either! I met up with my little sister today (she’s in the UK for a week) and when I pulled out my phone to read an email she shrieked at the state of it and reached for hers. She has/had a Marc by Marc Jacobs iPhone case. She only bought it three weeks ago. It now reads ‘Mrc by rc Jcobs’. Hardly worth the £30 price tag.


Would it kill someone to include a quick coating of something to protect the design? The slightest slick of a clear resin or something to give it a little bit more longevity? It is, after all, a mobile phone case. These devices do tend to see a lot of action over time! Surely it would be wise to make them more resilient. Had I known how fast the design would disappear I would’ve happily painted on some clear nail varnish or similar myself upon first opening the product.

Now though, I’m reluctant to buy another DVF case to replace my beloved, as I will then have spent £80 on what is essentially just one case, one that I already know will likely rub off long before I’m sick of looking at the design.
(It doesn’t stop me coveting the DVF black Audrina dress though…)

So it would seem that, in order to protect my phone, I have to pick up one of those horrible $1 silicone stretch-on cases off eBay and live with that. Urgh. Not my favourite plan.

Why oh why is it not possible to have style AND durability??
Come on designers, help us out a little here!

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