The Boudoir.

Continuing my greyscale themes to the boudoir…

I adore sanded floorboards, though the ones in my current house are quite dark, if it were up to me they’d be blonder.

I definitely think one needs plenty of textiles in a bedroom; rugs, throws, crisp white sheets, cushions, pillows etc and lots of ’em.
I think bedrooms need to be slightly more feminine than the rest of the house (unless you’re a bachelor of course) and I reckon a fully loaded dressing table is a must. It should be laden with mirrors, perfumes, pots and bottles and adorned with long necklaces, candles and other trinkets. With just enough space for ones netbook/iPad to squeeze on.

I also currently have a fireplace in every room bar the bathroom.
In the new place, if for some bizarre reason it doesn’t have any fireplaces, I am not above putting them in. You can find great old fireplaces in reclamation yards. They won’t come cheap unfortunately but any old house will thank you for it. I always think the little wrought iron ones look best in bedrooms but, by all means, go for marble if you can afford it!

But perhaps most important is the bed. Naturally. A bedroom needs a focal point and it should always be the bed. None of this bed shoved into the corner, one side against the wall business either, I’m talking a monumental headboard, framed by matching bedside cabinets and lamps, piled high with all your cushions, ready to sink into come bedtime. Perfect.

Sweet dreams.

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