Living Spaces.

Ah the living room. The blank canvas. It’ s the only room that doesn’t NEED to have anything in. The bedroom you need a bed, the kitchen you need a sink and food storing/making appliances, bathrooms you need a toilet and at least a shower. The living room? No rules.
Of course most people plump for a sofa or two and a TV of some design. The majority choose a small table for, perhaps, coffee..? But really you can have whatever you fancy in your living spaces, whatever kind of furniture makes you feel comfortable.

Personally I like huge sofas, clean lines and plenty of pictures. Throw in a big shaggy rug and we’re good to go.
I’m lucky enough to have an absolutely enormous grey marble fireplace with a working fire and solid granite hearth in my current living room, something I’ll be sorry to leave when we move. The coving and ceiling rose is also original Georgian.
In a new place, ideally we’d still have the extremely high Georgian ceilings too, and perhaps some gigantic sash windows. That’d be nice.

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