As you’ve no doubt noticed I like greyscale pieces and think that’s reflected in my interior design style too. For me this extends into any room of the house, including of course the bathroom.
I particularly love the trend creeping back in this past year of free-standing baths. I’ve always loved a big free-standing bath with large claws but I don’t think that would suit my other half, it’s a bit too chintzy for him. But I have really fallen for the footless free-standing tubs. They remind me of the villas in Phuket and Bali. Both modern and luxurious. Brilliant.
I’m very keen on the bowl sinks, not so much the glass ones as they’d take a hell of a lot of upkeep (toothpaste + young child = disaster), but the simple white ones look so expensive and really needn’t be. Have a snoop through eBay and you’ll likely find loads of them people have placed orders for and then changed their minds about, now looking for a new home. Easy.

I also love the look of plain white walls, massive fluffy white towels and dark slate flooring in a bathroom. I’m definitely a follower of the Keep It Simple Stupid ethos when it comes to my personal style. This is exactly how my current bathroom looks, white walls, white suite, dark grey slate tiles, but without the bowl sink/free standing bath. But in the new house I’ll definitely be tracking some down.

Then all I need are my large white church candles and some bubbles courtesy of Lush Cosmetics.

Oh, and a large glass of vino of course.

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