This is a post of appreciation.
Let’s all just take a second to remember and appreciate the utter genius that is Lipcote, that barely-there lip coating that merrily continues to live up to its reputation as “The original lipstick sealer”. One simply doodles on one’s lipstick as per usual, then paints on a thin layer of Lipcote to seal the deal and, hey presto, colour that stays fresh and, more importantly, in place, for hours. This, surely, is an item no self-respecting girl – correction; no self-respecting *lady* should be left lacking?

The classic product is a staple, a can’t-live-without-it product, that we ladies should definitely all have in our make-up collection, no matter how big or small that collection may be, for the times when our lips demand a slick of colour with staying power. I know its iconic bottle certainly lurks at the bottom of the rice bowl that holds all my cosmetics (don’t ask). Each time I use it I’m so thankful someone, somewhere was thoughtful enough to invent it, and that my own delightful mother had the cracking foresight to introduce me to Lipcote in my early teens. Dabbling in my dark, heavily pigmented goth days would certainly have been a much smudgier and messier experience without the quick flick of the little Lipcote brush to keep everything where it should be.

Occasionally, particularly in winter, I’ve found that Lipcote dries my lips out a bit and stings upon application but I’ve sussed that blotting the lipstick properly first and then smoothing a small dab of a clear balm or Vaseline onto my lips will sort that out without affecting the Lipcote or the lip colour.
A true laydee should be free to sip at as many cocktails as she desires, lick her lips seductively time and time again, and kiss as many frogs and handsome princes as she damn well pleases, all without a smudged pout to give the game away.

Being honest, I barely even wear any lipstick these days, it tends to be reserved for special occasions or Halloween, BUT it’s essential that when I do, I remain poised and confident in the knowledge that my teeth/chin/boyfriend will stay lipstick-free at all times.

Thanks to clever little Lipcote (and my mum) my lipstick stays exactly where it should be; on my lips.

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