The consumerist in me has really been awakened this past year, for whatever reason. And I like her.

At one time I might’ve mocked this new found consumerism and deemed it frivolous and silly, but I’ve decided to embrace it. To the detriment of my bank balance I’m sure.

I feel I’ve reached a point where I’m fortunate enough to have accumulated most of the things I need to survive day to day life on earth, so I’m starting to branch out and replace the basic but adequate things I currently own for nicer and better versions of those things. My bags are better quality, my sunglasses more expensive and my shoes delightfully more hard wearing and comfortable, while still being beautiful and flattering. Don’t get me wrong, I still appreciate a good bargain! But I don’t half love things that come in gift-wrapped boxes and tied up with oodles of ribbons (Thank you Net-A-Porter, Glossybox, Harvey Nichols et al).

I’m also really enjoying trying new products and taking an interest in what I put on my face and other places. I’m exploring more high end and niche brands, and actually instigated a Proper Grown Up Skin Care Regime at the end of last year. Bloody hell. Who am I?!

The new and improved version of me, that’s who. Sarah 2.0. Everyone will want one.

So that’s likely to become another aspect of this site. As well as the travel, food, fashion, interiors and my day to day thoughts, I’ll now be blogging (I still physically cringe at the word) about the cosmetics and products that I find and promptly fall head over heels in lust with. Then, as I continue to use these lotions and potions, some tips will no doubt sneak in and you’ll find an honest story of the whole juicy love affair as it plays out. We shall see which items I lose interest in quickly and which I find I cant live without.

I, like many of you I’m sure, like my hair shiny, my skin clear and my make up to stay put all day. I’m also open to any and all recommendations you may have, so it’s a sort of mutual relationship!
Let’s see where this takes us…

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