The Glossiest Time Of The Month.

Do you subscribe to Glossybox yet? No? Why on earth not??

What’s not to like? It’s like receiving tiny, posh, gift-wrapped surprise Christmas presents from yourself every month. At a mere £10 which, to be totally honest, is an amount I sometimes spend by accident anyway. Shameful I know.
So now I invest my £10 in Glossybox, in the hope that placing my trust in a group of strangers will lead me to my destiny. My future. My future favourite cosmetics that is.

Who has time to trawl the country to find products we’ve never even heard of and try them all? But how else can we know that we’re using the best products for our faces, hair and bodies, if we’ve been stuck in the same rut for years? Precisely. That’s where Glossybox steps in and takes over the ridiculous and otherwise very expensive job for you, by selecting and sending you things you might end up liking, might end up loving even. Perfect.

The idea is that you tell them a little about you, your preferred style, your hair colour, your skin type, whether you prefer baths or showers, vamp or natural, that sort of thing. Then each month they send you 6 travel sized bottles, sachets and pots of things they think you might like to try. An assortment of perfume, make up, nail varnish, hair products etc by new brands and old favourites, all packaged up in tissue paper, ribbons and presented in a signature sturdy pink box. Everything but the cushion and bended knee. It’s such a cute idea.
Admittedly you win some, you lose some, but there’s generally something in the box you’ll like and who knows, one of those things could be the product you’ve been searching for your whole life.

This month’s box was a collaboration. A special white box.

The Limited Edition Harrods Glossybox was a lovely selection of the products sold in the Harrods Beauty Department. In mine I found a miniature Lancôme Hypnose Drama mascara, a Valentino Valentina perfume, some Shu Uemura cleansing oil, a little pot of SK-II Signature moisturiser, Molton Brown Vitalising Vitamin shower gel and Clarins firming body cream. I adored the mascara, very dramatic. Tiny bit thick and I’m not totally sold on the odd shape of the brush. I found I had to tease my lashes with a brush to separate them but I couldn’t fault the coverage and was very pleased with the end result. However I am definitely a little bit in love with the SK-II pot. Not sure I’ll be able to afford a bigger version though! But my skin’s never felt so soft and healthy and above all CLEAR. I tend to find that when I use moisturiser it makes me erupt in a big spot somewhere incredibly inconvenient (As if there’s a convenient place to have a spot) but with this I liked how my skin looked and felt so much that I’m actually wearing less make up to face the world. I’m certainly chuffed with my Harrods sample bounty.
Bet you wish you subscribed now, hey?

Next months box will be a return to the usual pink packaging and I for one can’t wait for my monthly goodie box. I’ll no doubt be found on here dissecting the samples I receive so feel free to come back and check it out. Alternatively, if you’d rather be opening your own box alongside me, I suggest you get on to see what you’re missing. It feels so decadent, so frivolous, and honestly, I’d recommend that feeling to anyone.

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