Oh Lush Cosmetics. Why must you be so utterly delightful?

I want to dislike you. I want to be able to buy grown up, horrendously expensive products made of caviar and champagne. I want to swan around leaving a lingering smell of the afore mentioned expensive products, like a proper laydee. I want to be able to resist your candy floss scented charm and your unashamedly hippy ethos. I want to hate your overly enthusiastic, bordering on obnoxious, staff for pestering me in such a helpful and impertinent manner and making me feel like a caveman in comparison, grunting my replies to their saccharin offers of assistance. I really want to. Alas I cannot.

You never cease to be able to pull me into your stores, whichever city I find myself in, with your wonderful yet totally over-powering signature mish-mash of scents.
I find myself time and time again drawn to bottles of (likely magic) potions that swear they will make my hair shinier than it has ever been and lo! It comes true. Definitely witchcraft. And naturally I am powerless to resist anything you lay out, as though for me alone, that smells of candy, bubblegum, bananas, lavender, coconuts, vanilla, or any mixture of the above. And yet you continue to do so.

And why, oh WHY do you continue to package your products in such nice, smart, black bottles, tubs and pots that look so glorious all lined up in my bathroom? It’s like you’re spying on me and designing things purely for me. To be honest it’s more than a little creepy.

And finally, if you could please stop trying to force your man products on my boyfriend. It’s almost as though you’re trying to cater for everyone. It’s far too eager and, to be perfectly frank, it’s creating tension in our relationship.


P.S. Any chance you might make Snow Fairy in white, a sort of icing colour, next Christmas. The bright pink is wreaking havoc with my bathroom colour scheme.

P.P.S I love you Lush Cosmetics.

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