The Silver Lining

Welcome to my imaginary new house. You are now privy to the inner workings of my mind. Or more specifically, the part where I put all my interior design ideas. Because my current house is ‘done’ for all intents and purposes and I have not yet found somewhere new to stamp my taste all over so I must remain content with creating virtual mood boards on the iPad to bore my other half with.

I think we can all agree I like grey…

This is mainly a picture post. Anything I post with regards to interiors is likely to be so. Apologies to anyone that annoys but this is not your blog, it’s mine and it’s for me. It’s essentially a public virtual mood board and wish list for anything that catches my eye. In the hope that when/if I do move I can refer back to these pages and use them as a vague check list.

So, as I said, welcome to my imaginary new pad, please feel free to slip off your shoes and make yourself at home. I wouldn’t blame you. It’s very nice here, even if I do say so myself.


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