Concealing The Truth

I’m not really one for caking my face in makeup. I know, I know, good aren’t I?

I prefer to ATTEMPT to keep my skin looking passable with a variety of concoctions that all promise to keep me youthful, glowing and blemish-free.

Anyway, that doesn’t always work as planned. So I do have a few pots and tubes of concealers and tinted moisturisers lurking in the old (face)paint box. I particularly like to put a little concealer either side of my nose and down the middle, to stop redness, and then of course *whispers* on any spots that have erupted. Shhhh. That bit’s a secret.

Now, for the past few years my go-to concealer of choice has been Benefit’s Boi-ing concealer. Something discovered in a panicked visit to the Benefit counter on the way to a first date with my now current boyfriend (“Hi, I’m on my way to meet someone especially handsome and it’s raining and cold and my nose is all red and I have a spot on my chin! What have you got that will save me?!”). I used to keep stock of the Boi-ing in both shades 1 and 2, for my winter and summer skin tones, and we have been very happy together. It’s a great product, it really is; excellent coverage, not too expensive, not really big enough but hey, what is?

However I recently tried to tidy up my make up collection by swapping most of it for Mac products. Which was going great. Everything is in the lovely sleek black pots so it’s all very matchy matchy, and there’s so much Mac to choose from that I haven’t really been caught short. Until I came to replace my Boi-ing. I had a lahvly chat with the lady at the Mac counter and she suggested a few things. The Select Cover-Up, the Select Moisture Cover, the Studio Finish SPF Concealer (which incidentally was probably the closest to Boi-ing), the Pro-Longwear… I’ve now tried them all and nothing seems to cover as well as the Boi-ing did. All that I’ve achieved is doubling my concealer collection and emptying my purse. Sigh.

So it seems it’s true; if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Perhaps I’ll learn that for next time. Perhaps not.

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